Extremism in America: A Reader

Extremism in America: A Reader
Author Lyman Tower Sargent
Country United States
Language English
Genre Anthology
Published 1995 (New York University Press)
ISBN 978-0814780114
OCLC 32199564

Extremism in America: A Reader is a book edited by Lyman Tower Sargent (a professor of political science). It is an anthology presenting various political, economic and social ideas, creeds and platforms of people and groups which Sargent labels left-wing or right-wing American extremists as displayed in his selection of their documents.

It was published by New York University Press in 1995 as a 385-page hardcover (ISBN 0-8147-7978-6) and paperback (ISBN 0-8147-8011-3).

Extremism in America received a generally positive reception, garnering reviews from the Los Angeles Times,[1] The Washington Post,[2] and The Times Literary Supplement.[3]

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