Flávio Arns

Flávio Arns
Senador Flávio Arns.jpg
Arns in 2019
Senator for Paraná
Assumed office

1 February 2019
In office

1 February 2003 – 1 February 2011
Vice Governor of Paraná
In office

1 January 2011 – 1 January 2015
Governor Beto Richa
Preceded by Orlando Pessuti
Succeeded by Cida Borghetti
Secretary for Strategic Affairs of Paraná
In office

1 January 2015 – 8 June 2017
Governor Beto Richa
Secretary of Education of Paraná
In office

1 January 2011 – 3 April 2014
Governor Beto Richa
Federal Deputy for Paraná
In office

1 February 1991 – 31 January 2003
Director of Special Education of Paraná
In office

Personal details
Born (1950-11-09) 9 November 1950 (age 69)

Curitiba, PR, Brazil
Political party REDE
Profession Educator

Flávio José Arns (born 9 November 1950) is a federal senator of Brazil representing his home state of Paraná.[1] He was previously vice-governor of Paraná from 2011 to 2015, and also served in the chamber of deputies from 1991 to 2003.[2]

Personal life [ edit ]

Arns was born to Osvaldo Arns and Teresinha Mohr.[2] Of German descent, he is grandson of Gabriel Arns and Helene Steiner. Brought up in a religious Catholic family, he is related to important Brazilian religious figuers Zilda Arns and Paulo Evaristo Arns, being the nephew of the former and grand-cousin of the latter. He is married Odenise Teresinha Arns, with whom he had two children: Caroline Arns and Osvaldo Arns Neto.[3]

Arns graduated from Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná in 1972, and the following years graduated with a degree in law from Federal University of Paraná.[2] In 1980 he graduated with a PhD. in Linguistics with his thesis focusing on language and behavior from Northwestern University in the United States.[4]

Political career [ edit ]

Arns served as director of education for individuals with special needs from 1983 to 1990.[3] He then elected to and served in the Chamber of Deputies for three consecutive terms from 1991 to 2003.[2] He then served as vice governor for Beto Richa in his home state of Paraná as well as holding various positions in the state government.[2] In the 2018 Brazilian general election Arns was one of two members from Paraná, the other being Oriovisto Guimarães, to contest elections in the national senate, where he was elected.[5] Following him taking seat in the senate he was elected vice chair of the Commission on Education, Culture and Sport.[6][7]

Arns voted against the impeachment of then-president Dilma Rousseff.[8][9]

A strong supporter of the rights of those with autism and other developmental disabilities, in September 2016 Arns was recognized by the senate of Paraná for his political activism.[10]

Arns has faced some controversy for allegedly hiring Rosângela Wolff, the wife of judge Sérgio Moro, as a legal adviser in 2015. Judges are prohibited to communicate with active politicians in Brazil, and Wolff denied that she ever formally worked for Arns.[11]

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