Food and Health Bureau

Food and Health Bureau
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Agency overview
Formed 2007
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Headquarters 18/F, East Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong
Ministers responsible
Agency executives
  • Elizabeth Tse, Permanent Secretary for Food and Health (Health)
  • Philip Yung, Permanent Secretary for Food and Health (Food)
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of Hong Kong
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Food and Health Bureau
Traditional Chinese 食物及衞生局
Simplified Chinese 食物及卫生局

Food and Health Bureau is a government bureau that manages food & environmental hygiene and health policies in Hong Kong.

It oversees policies on environmental hygiene, food safety, agriculture and fisheries, food markets, animal welfare, burial, reduction of salt and sugar in food , primary healthcare and disease prevention, Chinese medicine, regulatory regime, research and health data, health advisory and appeals, and planning for manpower, professional development and health infrastructure. The Department of Health, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, and the Government Laboratory report to the Bureau. The Secretary for Food and Health also oversees the operation of the Hospital Authority, a statutory body of Hong Kong which is responsible for managing Hong Kong's public hospitals services.

History [ edit ]

When the Principal Officials Accountability System (POAS) was introduced in July 2002, the name of the Bureau was renamed from Health and Welfare Bureau to the name of Health, Welfare and Food Bureau, with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department was transferred from the now abolished Environment and Food Bureau. Prior to the transfer of sovereignty in 1997 it was named Health and Welfare Branch.

In July 2007, it was renamed to the current name of Food and Health Bureau, with its functions on welfare transferred to the Labour and Welfare Bureau.

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