Freuet Euch des Lebens

Cover of the piano score. (Published by C.A.Spina)

Freuet Euch des Lebens (Enjoy Life), op. 340, is a Viennese Waltz composed by Johann Strauss II. It was written for the Vienna Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, and premiered at the new Musikverein building in Vienna in 1870.[1]

Waltz 1

 \relative c' {
  \new PianoStaff <<
   \new Staff { \key g \minor \time 3/4
    \set Score.tempoHideNote = ##t
     \tempo "" 2. = 64
      f'( d f) f( d f)( g2.~) g2 g4 a( d, a') g( c, g') g2.~ g2 f4 s\< s s s s s g2.~ g2\!
     d4 bes d d bes <d f,> <g, d'>2.~ <g d'>2 g4 a2 a4 g2 g4 <a ees'>2.~ <a ees'>2 ees'4 <ees f>^( c <ees f>) <d f>^( b <d f>)^( ees2.~) ees
   \new Dynamics {
   \new Staff { \key g \minor \time 3/4 \clef bass
      bes,,4 <f' bes d> <f bes d> f, <f' bes d> <f bes d> bes, <f' bes d> <f bes d> f, <f' bes d> <f bes d> bes, <f' bes d> <f bes d> f, <f' bes d> <f bes d> bes, <f' a ees'> <f a ees'> f, <f' a ees'> <f a ees'> a, <f' c' ees> <f c' ees> gis,4 <f' b d> <f b d> a, <f' c' ees> <f c' ees> f, <f' c' ees> <f c' ees>

Vienna New Year's Concert [ edit ]

Ballet scene. (2012)

The advent of the Vienna New Year's Concertis as follows.

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