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Fuding is located in Fujian
Location in Fujian
Coordinates: 27°12′N120°12′E / 27.200°N 120.200°E / 27.200; 120.200Coordinates: 27°12′N120°12′E / 27.200°N 120.200°E / 27.200; 120.200
Country People's Republic of China
Province Fujian
Prefecture-level city Ningde
 • Total 290,850
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

About this soundFuding  (Chinese: 福鼎市; pinyin: Fúdǐngshì) is a county-level city in northeastern Ningde prefecture level city, on Fujian's border with Zhejiang province.[1]

History [ edit ]

Fuding county was established during the Qing Dynasty in 1739 AD.[1]

Administrative [ edit ]

Fuding was promoted to county-level city status in 1995. With a population of 290,850. The city oversees 3 street committees, 1 development zone, 10 towns and 3 townships, of which one is zoned Affirmative action-like for the city's native She people.[1]

Geography [ edit ]

The city is mountainous and has a good deal of seacoast. Fu'an City lies to the west and Xiapu County to the south. North and east lie counties in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. Territorial area is 1,526 kilometres (948 mi)², or 14,957.7 square kilometres (5,775.2 sq mi) when including sea area.[1]

Subdistricts [ edit ]

Chinese: 街道; pinyin: Jiēdào

Development zones [ edit ]

  • LongAn (龙安开发区)

Towns [ edit ]

Chinese: ; pinyin: zhèn

  • Guanling (贯岭镇)
  • Panxi (磻溪镇)
  • Yushan (嵛山镇)
  • Bailin (白琳镇)
  • Shacheng (沙埕镇)
  • Guanyang (管阳镇)
  • Dianxia (店下镇)
  • Diantou (点头镇)
  • Qinyu (秦屿镇)
  • Qianqi (前岐镇)

Townships [ edit ]

Chinese: ; pinyin: xiāng

  • Jiayang (佳阳乡)
  • Dieshi (叠石乡)

Ethnic Townships [ edit ]

Chinese: 民族乡; pinyin: mínzú xiāng

  • Xiamen She (硖门畲族乡)

Culture [ edit ]

The region mostly speaks Eastern Min natively. There is a Puxian Min (Hinghwa) speaking community in Fuding.[2]

Transport [ edit ]

Fuding City is located in the strategic region between northeast Fujian and southern Zhejiang provinces. The main road No. 104 pass through Fuding City. Fuding City is also home to the deep sea port Shacheng. The port enables large ships to come to Shacheng port which in turn leads to increase economic activity and trade.

The opening of the full-line of Wenfu High Speed Railway on September 28, 2009, improved the transportation conditions. Wenfu and Yongtaiwen High Speed Railway cut the travel time of Fuding–Fuzhou to 1.5h, Fuding–Wenzhou to 0.5h and Fuding–Shanghai to 5h.

A ferry service operates across Shacheng Bay, connecting the somewhat isolated town of Shacheng to the Long'an Development Area (the port for Dianxia Town).

With the construction of taimu international airport in future, fuding will be more and more open to the outside world.

Attractions [ edit ]

Taimu Mountain [ edit ]

The Taimu Mountains (Chinese: 太姥山; pinyin: Tàimǔshān) are one of the more famous tourist spots. Known as the "wonderland on the sea", it sports many high and steep mountains, spectacular rock formations, secluded caves, a foggy climate, and additional rivers and parks.

Yushan Island [ edit ]

Yushan Island (Chinese: 渔山列岛; pinyin: Yúshānlièdǎo) is a small tourist island that has rolling grassland and beautiful views of hills and lakes. It is sometimes referred to as the "Heavenly Mountain in South China".

Climate [ edit ]

References [ edit ]

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