Fumo Madi ibn Abi Bakr

Lamu Fort, in Lamu Town, 2005

Fumo Madi ibn Abi Bakr was Sultan of Pate, Kenya (1779 - 1809). Around 1800 the Pate Sultan took over Lamu, however, they were deeply resented by the people of Lamu. Fumomadi was persuaded ("by a faithful old advisor") to build a fort on the seafront in Lamu Town, to protect members of his government. He died (a natural death) before the first storey of the fort was completed.[1]

There was much disagreement over choosing his successor, as he had fifty children and all sons and male ín-laws were eligible for the throne. After "encouragement" from the powerful Mazrui family from Mombasa/Oman, an in-law named Ahmad ibn Shaykh was chosen as the next Sultan.[1]

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Bibliography [ edit ]

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