G1503 Shanghai Ring Expressway

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Shanghai Ring Expressway
Route information
Length 209.22 km[1] (130.00 mi)
Major junctions
Orbital around Shanghai
  Shanghai S20 / Yixian Elevated Road in Baoshan District

Shanghai S20 / Wuzhou Avenue in Pudong New Area

G40 in Pudong New Area

Shanghai S1 in Pudong New Area

Shanghai S2 in Pudong New Area

G15 in Jinshan District

G60 / G92 in Songjiang District

G50 in Qingpu District

G2 / G42 in Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu

G15 in Jiading District

Shanghai S5 in Jiading District
Highway system
National Trunk Highway System

G1502 G1504

The Shanghai Ring Expressway (Chinese: 上海绕城高速公路; pinyin: Shànghǎi Ràochéng Gāosù Gōnglù), designated G1503, formerly designated as A30 and G1501, and also known as the Shanghai Suburb Ring Expressway (Chinese: 上海郊环高速公路; pinyin: Shànghǎi Jiāohuán Gāosù Gōnglù), is a 209.22-kilometre-long ring expressway (130.00 mi)[1] that encircles Shanghai, a direct-controlled municipality in the People's Republic of China. It is entirely in Shanghai, except for a small section in the nearby province of Jiangsu at its northwest end.

It forms the final ring in a series of four orbital roads around the city of Shanghai, with the others being the Inner Ring Road, Middle Ring Road, and the S20 Outer Ring Expressway. Part of G1503 Shanghai Ring Expressway in northern Pudong New Area is concurrent with the third ring, the S20 Outer Ring Expressway, due to the nature of the coastline of Shanghai with the East China Sea.

Route [ edit ]

The kilometre zero of the Shanghai Ring Expressway is located at an interchange with S20 Outer Ring Expressway and Yixian Elevated Road in Baoshan District, and increase in a clockwise fashion. Immediately to the east of the interchange, the expressway descends into the Outer Ring Tunnel, so named because this section is concurrent with S20 Outer Ring Expressway. As the tunnel ends in Pudong New Area, it becomes an elevated highway for a short portion, curving southeast and then south, reaching the Wuzhou Avenue Interchange. Here, the concurrency with S20 Outer Ring Expressway ends, with the Outer Ring Expressway continuing to the south, Wuzhou Avenue to the west, while the Shanghai Ring Expressway continues east.

The expressway curves to the southeast, meeting the G40 Shanghai–Xi'an Expressway at its eastern terminus. The expressway continues southward, interchanging with S1 Yingbin Expressway, S32 Shanghai–Jiaxing–Huzhou Expressway, and S2 Shanghai–Luchaogang Expressway as it traverses Pudong New Area before curving west and entering Fengxian District. Its east section, from Longdong Avenue to former Nanhui District border, was named as Yuandong Avenue before the expressway is finished and became a ring in 2008.

The expressway travels west along the southern suburbs of Shanghai, passing through Fengxian District, where it interchanges with S4 Shanghai–Jinshan Expressway and Jinshan District. At an interchange with S19 Xinnong–Jinshanwei Expressway to the south and S36 Tinglin–Fengjing Expressway to the west, the expressway continues north, passing through Songjiang District, where it intersects with the concurrent G60 Shanghai–Kunming Expressway and G92 Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway, and Qingpu District, where it interchanges with the G50 Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway. It then leaves the direct-controlled municipality of Shanghai for a short portion, entering the city of Kunshan in Jiangsu province, where it curves to the northeast and intersects with the concurrent G2 Beijing–Shanghai Expressway and G42 Shanghai–Chengdu Expressway at the Anting Interchange.

The expressway turns east, back into the Jiading District of Shanghai, where it intersects with the G15 Shenyang–Haikou Expressway and the S5 Shanghai–Jiading Expressway. Re-entering Baoshan District, the expressway becomes an elevated road, travelling above Fujin Road. At Tongji Road, the expressway curves to the south, paralleling the elevated Line 3 of the Shanghai Metro. This section is also known as Tongji Elevated Road, due to the fact that it runs above Tongji Road. At the southern end of Tongji Elevated Road, the Shanghai Ring Expressway returns to its kilometre zero marker.

The expressway is tolled from just before the interchange with G40 Shanghai–Xi'an Expressway in Pudong New Area, clockwise to just after an exit with Shanghai S127 (Wenchuan Highway), in Baoshan District.

Exit list [ edit ]

Location km mi Exit[2] Name Destinations Notes
G1503 (Shanghai Ring Expressway) / Shanghai S20 (Outer Ring Expressway)
Baoshan District, Shanghai 0 0 Shanghai S20 – Hongqiao Hub Northern terminus of S20 concurrency; westbound exit only, eastbound entrance only
97A Outer Ring & Tongji Road Tongji Road

Wusong Bridge
Uses S20 exit numbering; westbound exit only, eastbound entrance only
Pudong New Area, Shanghai 4 Jiangdong Road Eastbound exit only
Service Area
6 Linghai Road Single-point urban interchange
8 North Zhangyang Road
9 North Yanggao Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance only
13 Hangjin Road

Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Freight Entrance
15 Zhouhai Road
18 Outer Ring & Shanghai Ring Interchange (Chinese: 外环绕城) Shanghai S20 – Huaxia Elevated Road, Pudong International Airport

Wuzhou Avenue [zh] (Xiangyin Road Tunnel)
Southern terminus of S20 concurrency
G1503 (Shanghai Ring Expressway)
Pudong New Area, Shanghai Longyue Road Unopened westbound exit and eastbound entrance only
Gaodong Toll Booth – all vehicles must stop
21 Gaodong Interchange G40 – Nantong, Qidong, Chongming Island
25 Jinhai Road
29 Longdong Avenue
Heqing Service Area
33 East Huaxia Road
36 Shanghai Ring & Yingbin Expressway Interchange Shanghai S1 – Shanghai City Center, Pudong International Airport
38 Airport Avenue To airport cargo and employee areas
42 Wenju Road
46 Shen-Jia-Hu & Shanghai Ring Interchange(E) Shanghai S32 – Jiaxing, Pudong International Airport Southbound exit numbered 46A; northbound exit numbered 46B
52A Gongji Road – Huinan Southbound exit and northbound entrance only
53B Shanghai S122 (Hunan Highway) Northbound exit and southbound entrance only
59 Shanghai S324 (Dongda Highway)
65 Dating Interchange Shanghai S2 – Shanghai City Center, Donghai Bridge
Fengxian District, Shanghai 70 Xinsiping Road
74 Wahong Highway – Hongmiao
82 Fengcheng Shanghai S325 (Nanfeng Highway)
85 Shanghai S227 (Linhai Highway)
90 Shanghai S123 (Puxing Highway)
Guangming Service Area (eastbound only)
94 Shanghai S4 – Shanghai City Center, Ningbo
100 Puwei Highway
Zhuanghang Service Area (westbound only)
Jinshan District, Shanghai 108 G15 / Shanghai S209 (Tingwei Highway) – Nantong, Ningbo, Tinglin
121 Xinnong Interchange Shanghai S19 / Shanghai S36 – Jinshanwei, Zhujing
122 Xinnong G320 (Tingfeng Highway)
Songjiang District, Shanghai 128 Maogang Shanghai S324 (Yexin Highway)
132 Litahui Shanghai S32 / X345 (Minta Highway) – Jiaxing, Litahui, Pudong International Airport
136 Dagang Interchange G60 / G92 – Hangzhou, Shanghai City Center, Dagang
Xiaokunshan Service Area
144 Tianma Shenzhuan Highway
Qingpu District, Shanghai 151 Shanghai Ring Huqingping G50 – Huzhou, Shanghai City Center, Qingpu City Center
157 Chonggu Shanghai S125 (Beiqing Highway)
160 Shanghai S26 – Suzhou
163 Baihe Waiqingsong Highway

Baishi Highway

Jihe Highway
Kunshan, Jiangsu 168 Anting Interchange G2 / G42 – Anting, Hongqiao Hub
Jiading District, Shanghai 172 Shanghai S322 (Bao'an Highway)
176 Shanghai S224 (North Jiasong Road) – Shanghai International Circuit
180 Jiaxi Interchange G15 – Nantong, Ningbo, Taicang
181 Yongsheng Road Westbound entrance and eastbound exit and entrance only
184 Jiading Nanmen Interchange Shanghai S5 – Nanxiang, Jiading City Center, Shanghai City Center
187 Liuxiang Highway
Baoshan District, Shanghai 193 Shanghai S126 (Hutai Highway)
199 Shanghai S127 (Wenchuan Highway) – Shanghai City Center Eastbound exit and westbound entrance only
Yuepu Service Area (eastbound only)
Yuepu Toll Booth – all vehicles must stop
204A Tongji Road – Baosteel, Baoyang Road Port, Wusong Passenger Center Eastbound exit and westbound entrance only
204 Fujin Road – Baosteel Northbound exit and southbound entrance only
206 Baoyang Road – Baoshan City Center, Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal Northbound exit and southbound entrance only
208 Shuichan Road Northbound exit and southbound entrance only
G1503 (Shanghai Ring Expressway) / Shanghai S20 (Outer Ring Expressway) continues above (orbital)

References [ edit ]

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