Gaozhou is located in Guangdong
Location in Guangdong
Coordinates: 21°55′28″N110°50′32″E / 21.92444°N 110.84222°E / 21.92444; 110.84222Coordinates: 21°55′28″N110°50′32″E / 21.92444°N 110.84222°E / 21.92444; 110.84222
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guangdong
Prefecture-level city Maoming
County seat Panzhou (潘州)
 • Total 3,276 km2 (1,265 sq mi)
 (2010 census[1])
 • Total 1,288,665
 • Density 390/km2 (1,000/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s) 0668
Pearl River Yujitu.png
Gaozhou and Panzhou on the 1136 Yuji Tu
Chinese 高州
Literal meaning High Prefecture

Gaozhou is a county-level city in southwestern Guangdong Province, China. Formerly the primary city in the area, it is now administered as part of the prefecture-level city of Maoming. At the time of the 2010 census, Gaozhou had a population of 1,288,665 living in its 3,276 km2 (1,265 sq mi) territory.[2] The locals speak a variation of the Gaozhou dialect. It is best known in China for being the ancestral home of Leo Ku.

History [ edit ]

Gaozhou is a historically important city in Guangdong. Under the Qing, it was the seat of Gaozhou Commandery, overseeing Dianbai, Huazhou, Maoming, "Sih-ching", Wuchuan, and Xinyi Counties.[3] After the Chinese Civil War, it was placed under the administration of Maoming as Gaozhou County and then promoted to county-level city status in 1993.

Administration [ edit ]

Administratively, Gaozhou is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of the provincial-level city Maoming in Guangdong Province. The city of Gaozhou consists of five districts (Panzhou, Shanmei, Baoguang, Shizailing, and Jinshan); the county includes another 23 towns.

Geography [ edit ]

Gaozhou is located 420 km (260 mi) away from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, 450 km (280 mi) away from Hong Kong.

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References [ edit ]

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