Gas Technology Institute

Coordinates: 42°01′12″N87°55′21″W / 42.01995°N 87.92241°W / 42.01995; -87.92241 The Gas Technology Institute is an American non-profit research and development organization which develops, demonstrates, and licenses new energy technologies for private and public clients, with a particular focus on the natural gas industry. GTI is located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

History [ edit ]

The Institute of Gas Technology was founded in 1941 at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).[1]

The Gas Research Institute was founded in 1976 by the federal government.[2] It was funded by a tax on interstate shipments of natural gas[3]

In 2000, the tax that funded the Gas Research Institute was phased out. The Institute of Gas Technology and the Gas Research Institute combined to form the Gas Technology Institute.[4]

In 2006, the IIT building that formerly housed the institute became home to Shimer College, which took up residence there after moving from Waukegan.[5]

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