Gershasp (Shahnameh)

Shahnameh Mens
Name Gershasp
Post King
Father Name Zaav
After Zaav
Before Kay Kawād
Other Information
Capital Pars
period of time 9 year

Gershasp (Persian: گرشاسپ‎) was the last Shah of the Pishdadian dynasty of Persia according to Shahnameh. He was a descendant of Zaav, ruling over the Persian Empire for about nine years.[1]

In the Shahnameh [ edit ]

Garshasp or Garshasb was a king who ruled over parts of Greater Pars. He did not rule for more than 9 years because he was invaded by his country like Nowzar. The Shahnameh explicitly refers to Turkan in attacking the country of Gershasp, not Turan. Wali Instructor and the commander of the Turan army, such as the Iran-Turan war, the same Pashang and Afrasiab. There is no geography of the past in the time of Jerospace. His capital is behind River Big. Only the term SapenJab is new to him.

Gershasp (gladiator) [ edit ]

Gershasp (gladiator) Certain of his deeds are recounted in the epic poem Shahnameh, which preserves, in late form, many of the legends and stories of Greater Persia.

Period of time [ edit ]

Preceded by

Legendary Kings of the Shahnameh

2427-2432 (after Keyumars)
Succeeded by

Kay Kawād

References [ edit ]

  1. ^ There are two historical figures in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh called Gershasp

Sources [ edit ]

  • Ferdowsi Shahnameh. From the Moscow version. Mohammed Publishing. ISBN 964-5566-35-5

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