Giv (Shahnameh)

Giv[1][2] (Persian: گیو‎) is one of the main Iranian heroes in the Shahnameh, the national epic of Greater Iran. He is one of the most famous heroes of Shahnameh. Beside Shahnameh, Giv is also mentioned in Middle Persian texts such as Bundahishn. In Bundahishn, Giv is an immortal and one of the companions of Saoshyant. Giv is son of Goudarz, brother of Roham and father of Bizhan. He married with Banu Goshasp, the daughter of Rostam. Giv appears almost in every story of the heroic age and he is sometimes the spahbed of Iranian Army.

The story of Kay Khosrow [ edit ]

Kay Khosrow is one of the greatest kings of Shahnameh and he is the son of Siavash and Farangis and the grandson of Kay Kavus. Kay Khosrow was born and grown up in Turan. One day the Soroush (angel) comes to Goudarz in his dream and tells him that the son of Siavash is in Turan and Iranians should go there and bring him back to Iran. He tells Goudarz that only his son, Giv, could do this job. Goudarz then sends Giv to Turan in search of Kay Khosrow and after seven years, Giv finally finds Kay Khosrow and brings him back to Iran.

Disappearance [ edit ]

Giv along with most of other Iranian heroes, disappears in snow during Kay Khosrow's ascent, because they don't have Farr-e Izadi (a divine force).

Family tree [ edit ]

Giv Roham Bahram Hojir
Bizhan Farhad

References [ edit ]

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