God Bless Our Sunny Clime

"God Bless our Sunny Clime" is the National song of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Its music was composed by Timothy Gibson and E. Clement Bethel and lyrics by Rev. Philip Rahming.

Lyrics [ edit ]

God bless our sunny clime, spur us to height sublime. To keep men free, let brothers, sisters stand firm, trusting hand in hand, throughout Bahamaland one brotherhood, one brotherhood.

Let gratefulness ascend, courageous deeds extend from isle to isle. Long let us treasure peace, so may our lives increase, our prayers never cease. Let freedom ring! Let freedom ring!

The long, long night has passed, the morning breaks at last, from shore to shore, sunrise with golden gleam sons n' daughters, share the dream, for one working team one brotherhood, one brotherhood.

Not for this time nor for this chosen few alone we pledge ourselves. Live loyal to our God. Love country, friend and foe, oh help us by thy might! Great God our King! Great God our King![1]

References [ edit ]

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