Goldeneye Gas Platform

Location in UK continental shelf, North Sea

Goldeneye Gas Platform is an unmanned and now abandoned offshore gas production platform in North Sea block 14/29, in the South Halibut basin area of the outer Moray Firth, 105 km northeast of St Fergus Gas Plant in Scotland. The topsides were designed by SLP Engineering Ltd. Production was from five wells with well fluids separated by a single vertical separator vessel. Separated liquids were re-injected into the export gas stream without further treatment. Facilities were provided for the installation of a future produced water coalescer and flash drum.[1] Gas was piped ashore to St Fergus under well pressure, without using compressors, where it was processed. It operated in 120 metres (390 ft) of water.[2][3][4] The field was discovered in 1996, production started in 2004. and the platform was abandoned in 2011. It has a potential use for carbon dioxide storage.[5]

Like most North Sea fields operated by Shell, it is named after a bird - in this case Bucephala clangula, a small duck found in Scotland and elsewhere.

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Coordinates: 58°00′N0°23′W / 58.000°N 0.383°W / 58.000; -0.383

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