Gongqing Forest Park

Gongqing Forest Park (Chinese: 上海共青森林公园; pinyin: Shànghǎi Gòngqīng Sēnlín Gōngyuán) is the second-largest park in the city of Shanghai. It is located in the Yangpu District in the north section of the city. To reach the park you can take line 8 on the metro to Shiguang Road. From the metro station the park is a less than 1 km; walk or take a very short taxi ride to it. Being further out the park is somewhat less crowded than Century Park, the largest park of the city.

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Coordinates: 31°19′19″N121°32′45″E / 31.321821°N 121.545769°E / 31.321821; 121.545769

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