Gorgin (Shahnameh)

Shahnameh Mens
Name Gorgin
Nickname Gorgin Milad

Iranian gladiator
Other Information
Well known Caught in Sohrab hand
Attendance at Bijan and Manijeh
Wars Davazdah Rokh War

Great Kay Khosrow War
killer Andariman
Book About Him Faramarz Nama

Bahman Nameh
Family members
Father Milad
Nationality Iran

Gorgin[1] (Persian: گُرگین‎) is an Iranian hero in Shahnameh, during the reigns of Kay Kavus and Kay Khosrow. He is son of Milad. According to Tabari, the name of Milad's father is also Gorgin, which is possible because in ancient Iran, it was a usual practice to name the first grandson after the grandfather. Beside Shahnameh, Gorgin also appears in other Iranian epics such as Faramarz Nama and Bahman Nama.

In the Shahnameh [ edit ]

Gergin is one of the most famous Iranian heroes of the Kay Kāvus era in . His most important role is in the story of Bizhan and Manizhe. He and Bijan travel to the Turan border in order to kill the boars that were in the land of Armenia Roaming. Gorgin becomes envious of Bizhan's bravery and seduces him to go to Turan. There, Bizhan finds Manizhe and they fell in love. But Afrasiyab arrests Bizhan and throw him into a dungeon. Gorgin returns to Iran and tells Kay Khosrow that Bizhan was lost while hunting an onager. But Kay Khosrow does not believe him. Gorgin is first arrested, but later he was released after Rostam's intervention. He and Rostam then go to Turan in order to free Bizhan and bring him back to Iran.

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