Grassy Hill

Grassy Hill
View of Grassy Hill
Highest point
Elevation 647 m (2,123 ft)
Coordinates 22°24′45″N114°9′54″E / 22.41250°N 114.16500°E / 22.41250; 114.16500Coordinates: 22°24′45″N114°9′54″E / 22.41250°N 114.16500°E / 22.41250; 114.16500
Grassy Hill is located in Hong Kong
Grassy Hill
Grassy Hill
Location of Grassy Hill in  Hong Kong

Grassy Hill (Chinese: 草山; Cantonese Yale: Chóu sāan) is the fourteenth highest mountain in Hong Kong. Peaked at 647 m,[1] it is situated between Tsuen Wan and Tai Po and near the Lead Mine Pass.[2] The Stage 7 of MacLehose Trail runs near its peak.

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