A poster advertising the début of Johann Strauss II at Dommayer's Casino

Gunstwerber (or Die Gunstwerber; English: Wooers of Favour), Op. 4, is a waltz by Johann Strauss II.

It was first played on 15 October 1844 at Strauss' début as a composer in Dommayer's Casino in Hietzing, Vienna,[1] along with several of Strauss' other works, such as the waltz Sinngedichte and the polka Herzenslust. The music critic Ernst Décsey commented on Strauss' waltz: "As if singing had broken out from all three storeys of the house [...] the same charm, the same modest piano, the same reverberating forte as the father. Basses rumble, intermediate parts woo, and the main violin theme vibrates across to the ladies."[2]

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