Gyaidar Township

Tibetan transcription(s)
 • Tibetan རྒྱས་དར།།
 • Wylie transliteration rgyas dar
Chinese transcription(s)
 • Traditional 格达乡
 • Pinyin Gédá Xiāng
Gyaidar is located in Tibet
Coordinates: 30°31′04″N90°45′46″E / 30.51778°N 90.76278°E / 30.51778; 90.76278Coordinates: 30°31′04″N90°45′46″E / 30.51778°N 90.76278°E / 30.51778; 90.76278
Country China
Province Tibet Autonomous Region
Prefecture Lhasa Prefecture
County Damxung County
Time zone UTC+8 (CST)

Gyaidar is a town and township in Damxung County in the Lhasa Prefecture of Tibet, China. The township was affected by the February 5th Damxung earthquake in February 2009.[1] Herdsmen of 151 households in Yangyi village, in Gyaidar Township had to evacuate their homes. The government has given each household a subsidiary of 30,000 yuan, in addition to 1,500 yuan per capita to rebuild the houses destroyed or severely damaged by the disaster.[1]

References [ edit ]

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