Hassan Hassanzadeh Amoli

Hassan Hasanzadeh-Amoli
Hassan Hasanzadeh Amoli02 (1).jpg
Hasanzadeh-Amoli at his own commemoration ceremony on 16 May 2013
Born (1928-06-30) 30 June 1928 (age 92)

Religion Islam
Nationality Iranian
Ethnicity Mazanderani
Denomination Shia
Jurisprudence Ja`fari
Creed Usuli

Hassan Hasanzadeh-Amoli (Persian: حسن حسن‌زاده آملی‎, born June 30, 1928) is an Iranian Shi'ite theologian known for his mystical tendencies[1] and works on Islamic philosophy.[2] He is among clerics who have overcome the traditional opposing to teaching philosophy courses at Shi'ite seminaries.[3]

Hasanzadeh-Amoli is father-in-law of Iranian conservative politician Baqer Larijani.[4]

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