Hepu County

Hepu County


Hoppo; Limchow
Hepu is located in Guangxi
Location of the seat in Guangxi
Coordinates: 21°40′N109°12′E / 21.667°N 109.200°E / 21.667; 109.200
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guangxi
Prefecture-level city Beihai
Township-level divisions 13 towns, 2 townships
County seat Lianzhou
 • Total 2,380 km2 (920 sq mi)
12 m (40 ft)
 • Total 930,914
 • Density 390/km2 (1,000/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s) 0779

Hepu (Chinese: 合浦; pinyin: Hépǔ), alternately romanized as Hoppo, Hopu or Hop'u, is a county under the administration of Beihai City in southeastern Guangxi, China. It borders Lianjiang (Guangdong) to the southeast, Bobai County to the northeast, the Gulf of Tonkin to the south, Qinzhou to the west, and Pubei County to the north. Then-Premier Li Peng called this place "the Southern Pearl County" (南珠之乡) in November 1992. The county was once known as Lianzhou (Postal: Limchow). It has an area of 2,380 km2 (920 sq mi) and a population of 930,914 as of 2003.

About 300,000 of the inhabitants are of Hakka descent. [citation needed]

History [ edit ]

Hepu (labelled as HO-P'U (HOPPO) 合浦) (1954)

In antiquity, Hepu county was originally part of a larger county which encompassed part of Guangxi, Guangdong and even parts of Hainan. It was established in 111 BCE by Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty, during the first Chinese domination of Vietnam. During the brief interruption of the Han dynasty by Wang Mang, many of his opponents were exiled and banished to Hepu.

  • 1949–1950: Hepu administered Beihai as a town
  • June 1965: administered by Qinzhou Region of Guangxi, prior
  • July 1, 1987: administered by Beihai City

Administrative divisions [ edit ]

The county administers 13 towns and 2 townships:[1]



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