Huxi Mosque

Huxi Mosque
Huxi Mosque.jpg
Affiliation Sunni Islam
Location No. 3, Lane 1328, Changde Road, Putuo, Shanghai, China
Geographic coordinates 31°14′33.7″N 121°26′04.7″E  /  31.242694°N 121.434639°E  / 31.242694; 121.434639 Coordinates: 31°14′33.7″N121°26′04.7″E / 31.242694°N 121.434639°E / 31.242694; 121.434639
Type Mosque
Groundbreaking 1914
Completed 1922 (original building)

1994 (current building)
Dome(s) 6
Minaret(s) 1
Minaret height 25 meters

The Huxi Mosque (Chinese: 沪西清真寺; pinyin: Hùxī Qīngzhēnsì) is a mosque in Putuo District, Shanghai, China.[1][2]

History [ edit ]

The mosque was originally constructed at Xikang Road in 1914-1921 and completed in 1922 under the name Yaoshuinong Mosque. In 1935, the mosque underwent renovation and was expanded to be able to accommodate 200 worshipers. The mosque resumed its religious activities in 1979. In April 1994, the mosque was moved to Changde Road.

Architecture [ edit ]

Huxi Mosque prayer hall

The mosque covers an area of 1,667 m2. The mosque consists of two-floor prayer hall. It is built with double arches and a fan-shaped roof. It also houses a teaching room, imam room, guesthouse and a bathhouse. It also features a butcher shop and a shop. The mosque consists of one minaret with a height of 25 meters and 6 domes.[3]

Transportation [ edit ]

The mosque is accessible within walking distance north west of Changshou Road Station of Shanghai Metro.

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