Illinois Institute of Technology student groups

This page contains a list of Illinois Institute of Technology student groups. Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) currently has over a hundred student groups on campus including musical groups, cultural clubs, and academic societies.

Academic societies [ edit ]

Group Brief overview Ref
American Institute of Chemical Engineers Chapter of AIChE hosts different speakers at its weekly meeting to offer students information on subjects of interest within the field of Chemical engineering. [1]
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Chapter of AIAA engages in aerospace projects like fixing jet engines, building and designing radio-controlled aircraft, and assisting the Adler Planetarium with the Far Horizons project. The chapter owns a flight simulator lab which hosts a high performance computer loaded with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, X-Plane, and RealFlight. The lab features a flight stick, 6-axis rudder pedals, thrust box, and an RC flight controller. The society is to match up with interests within the field of Aerospace engineering. [2]
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Chapter of ASME takes part in different design contests at the ASME regional conferences and national convention. Examples design competitions include creating a non-Newtonian fluid, constructing self-propelled cargo boats, and constructing different types of gliders. [3]
American Institute of Architecture Students chapter of AIAS
Association for Computing Machinery Chapter of the ACM holds weekly meeting on campus.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Chapter of IEEE hosts computer and electronic workshops for students including programming tutorials, PCB layout design, and tours of the Motorola facilities. [4]
Material Advantage Student professional society for material engineers; affiliated with TMS, American Ceramic Society (ACerS), AIST, and ASM International. [5]
National Society of Black Engineers [6]
Tau Beta Pi The National Engineering Honor Society, Illinois-Beta Chapter


Society of Physics Students Physics student organization

STEM organizations [ edit ]

Group Brief overview Ref
Illinois Tech Robotics Engages in mentoring other robotics clubs at high schools in the Chicago area, supporting regional robotics competitions for high school students, and building robots for several competitions at the college-level and beyond. [8]
IIT Society of Automotive Engineers Builds Formula Hybrid race cars and other automotive projects. [9]
Illinois Tech Railroad Club Student chapter of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association and a Free-mo model railroad club
Scarlet Spacehawks Organization to design robotic prototypes for space exploration.

Service organizations [ edit ]

Group Brief overview Ref
Alternate Spring Break Volunteer on Habitat for Humanity build sites. [10]
Circle K International Collegiate service organization. [11]

Religious organizations [ edit ]

Group Brief overview Ref
CRU Interdenominational Christian organization. [12]
Hillel Jewish organization that hosts social, religious, and holiday events. [13]
Korean Christian Association Organization for Korean Christian students. [14]
Muslim Student Association Organization to support Muslim students through their academic journeys. [15]
Pagan Forum Organization to explore and engage with ancient polytheistic religions. [16]
Vedic Vision Society Organizes spiritual discussions. [17]

Arts and Media Groups [ edit ]

Group Brief overview Ref
Love to Dance Multi-Style Dance Group [18]
33rd Street Productions Drama club; produces a musical in the fall and a play in the spring [19]
Alien Sound and Lighting Provides professional quality sound and lighting for student events on campus [20] [21]
A Cappella Student-run a cappella choral organization [22]
American String Teachers Association Organization for string orchestra teachers and players [23]
Exposure Student led Photography club [24]
Film Club Cinematic Arts Club [25]
National Association for Music Education Supports Music Educators [26]
National Band Association Organization for band teachers and players [27]
Percussion Club Celebrates percussion instruments [28]
TechNews Student led newspaper [29]
WIIT Student run radio station featuring music and talk programs broadcasting on 88.9 FM [30]
Writers at Illinois Tech Student writing group [31]

Other clubs [ edit ]

Group Brief overview Ref
Union Board Programs campus activities since 1938. Known amongst students as the best organization on campus -
International Student Organization Promotes diversity and hosts events to encourage understanding between the many cultural backgrounds of students at IIT. [32]
JFAS Japanese Film & Animation Society. Dedicated to promoting the modern Japanese visual story-telling art forms


Illinois Tech Esports Formed in 2013 to participate in collegiate esports. Playing against other North American colleges in popular titles including League of Legends, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. Regular social gatherings including viewing parties, all-nighter LANs, and costume parties. Since 2018, manages and operates the campus' esports arena in MTCC. -
Prism Support group for LGBTQIA+ students. Holds social and educational events. [34]
IIT Commuter Student Association Provides workshops and events for commuter students. [35]

Greek organizations [ edit ]

Society Brief overview Ref
Alpha Epsilon Pi Moved to IIT from University of Chicago in 1948. Closed and returned to U of C in 2000
Alpha Sigma Phi
Delta Tau Delta
Sigma Phi Epsilon Closed in 2013, reopened in 2019
Pi Kappa Phi
Phi Kappa Sigma
Phi Mu Alpha National Fraternity Society in Music
Tau Epsilon Phi Closed in 1993
Triangle Fraternity
Alpha Sigma Alpha The only national sorority on campus
Kappa Phi Delta Oldest sorority on campus

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