Intimate Theatre

The Intimate Theatre was a repertory theatre in Palmers Green, London from 1937 to 1987, and is the name commonly used for St. Monica's Church Hall.

History [ edit ]

St. Monica's Church Hall was built in 1931, and the actor John Clements turned the building into the Intimate Theatre in 1935.[1] It became a full-time professional repertory theatre in 1937.[2]

After he was demobbed, Roger Moore was a member of the repertory company, and earned about £10 per week.[3] In the late 1940s, the BBC televised 14 plays from the theatre.

During the 1960s, the repertory company put on a new play each week,[4] although Max Rietmann's Hot and Cold in all Rooms played to a capacity audience for three weeks in 1962.[5]

In March 1968, David Bowie acted the role of Cloud in Lindsay Kemp's Pierrot In Turquoise at the theatre.[6]

In August 1968 Richard Todd starred in Man with a Load of Mischief with Dilys Laye.[7]

In 1969, the building reverted for a short time to its use as a church hall before returning to its use as a theatre.[8]

In 1987, the usage as a theatre was reduced to allow the church to hold other events.[9]

Current use [ edit ]

It has a current capacity of 435 Today (2012) the theatre was used by Protos Theatre & Arts Group, The London Pantomimers, [10] Acorn Theatre Company, [11] Saint Monica's Players, [12] and other amateur drama groups. It is located on Green Lanes.[2] In January 2019, it was placed on the Heritage at Risk Register after the church owners said they wanted to demolish the building to replace it with a new parish hall.[13]

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Further reading [ edit ]

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