Jardine's Lookout

Jardine's Lookout, Hong Kong
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View of Jardine's Lookout from Victoria Harbour
Highest point
Elevation 433 m (1,421 ft)
Coordinates 22°18′43.48″N114°14′44.36″E / 22.3120778°N 114.2456556°E / 22.3120778; 114.2456556
Jardine's Lookout, Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong
Jardine's Lookout, Hong Kong
Jardine's Lookout, Hong Kong
Location of Jardine's Lookout in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Jardine's Lookout (Chinese: 渣甸山) is a mountain and a residential area on the Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. It is located on the south of Happy Valley, east of Causeway Bay, and west of Mid-levels East, at an altitude of approximately 433 metres.[1] Nearby hills include Mount Nicholson, Violet Hill and Mount Butler. Administratively, it is part of Wan Chai District.

History [ edit ]

Jardine's Lookout is named after William Jardine, founder of Jardine Matheson. It was from here, in the days of the sailing ships, that a watch was kept for the first glimpse of the sails of the firm's clippers coming from India and London. As soon as a vessel was signaled, a fast whaleboat was sent out to collect Jardines' mails. The correspondence was rushed back to the office so that the directors could have the first possible information on the world's markets. (This practice saved the company on at least one occasion, in 1866, when it learned of the collapse of the discount house Overend, Gurney and Company, about one hour before others did, and quickly withdrew its balances at a local bank before anyone else had heard of the news.)

Jardine's Lookout was the sight of fierce conflict in the Battle of Hong Kong and particularly, the Battle of Wong Nai Chung Gap. The Hong Kong Volunteer Defense Corps and Middlesex Machine gunners manned two pillboxes and other areas defending the pass around Jardine's Catchwater, as well as Canadian Winnipeg Grenadiers defending the adjacent Mount Butler. Japanese forces, after landing on the North Shore of Hong Kong Island; used Sir Cecil's Ride and moved up to this pass midway up the lookout and were engaged by Commonwealth forces. The fighting was the preliminary conflict in the Battle of Wong Nai Chung Gap.

Residential area [ edit ]

Jardine's Lookout is the hill in the centre. Wong Nai Chung Reservoir is in the foreground.

Due to its scenic view and low population density, it has been considered an upper-class neighbourhood; residences situated there are amongst the most expensive of Hong Kong, and the population mainly consists of highly placed expatriates, government officials, and successful business people.

The area is a localised gated community with large detached houses in private lots and more moderate townhouses. Low-rise and high-rise apartments make up the rest of the community. In 2011, the area had a population of 15,533.[2]

This community is conveniently linked with public transportation and well-equipped with facilities. Jardine's Lookout is only a 10-minute drive to Central and 5-minute drive to Causeway Bay, (given good traffic) where the Cross Harbor Tunnel is located, making the travel to the Kowloon easy.

Jardine's Lookout has a grocery store, deli, florists, post office and many small provisions stores.

Famous residents [ edit ]

In June 2016 the Government of Canada sold the official residence of the Consul General located at 6 Goldsmith Road.[3]

Education [ edit ]

Located on Blue Pool Road, the Lycée Français International Victor Segalen, the French international school, maintains its Blue Pool Road campus, housing the administration and secondary school section, in Happy Valley.[4]

Located on Blue Pool Road, the Hong Kong Japanese School's Happy Valley Campus is in the community.[5]. The Happy Valley campus houses the primary education section.

Located on Blue Pool Road, Hong Chi Lions Morninghill School [zh] offers special education for children with mild intellectual disability.

Transport [ edit ]

There are taxis and buses that can bring residents to main districts in Hong Kong.

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References [ edit ]

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Coordinates: 22°16′06″N114°11′33″E / 22.26827°N 114.19244°E / 22.26827; 114.19244

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