People from Veracruz wearing typical jarocho attire.

A jarocho is a person, item or style of music from the city of Veracruz, Mexico.

One explanation of the origin of the term jarocho is that it evolved from an old Spanish word meaning brusque or disordered. Or the long spear used by fishermen in the coastal Papaloapan River. The word Jolocho is of Totonacan origin, but there are many other theories.

Musical groups of jarochos are bands of minstrel musicians, who dress and play in the Veracruz style. They are distinguished by their traditional white guayabera shirts and white pants and hats; also the men wear a red bandana around their neck. Music played by jarochos is known as Son Jarocho.

By extension, the term is sometimes applied to all people living in Veracruz. More properly, as custom has dictated, it should be limited to the southern coastal regions of Veracruz, and more particularly, to the local campesinos living along the valley of the Papaloapan river, specially those in or near the towns of Cosamaloapan, Tlacotalpan, and Alvarado.

Jarocho refers to the inhabitants, citizens or people who trace their roots from the city of Veracruz, in the Mexican side of the Gulf of Mexico.

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