Jiangshan is located in Zhejiang
Location in Zhejiang
Coordinates: 28°44′10″N118°37′30″E / 28.73611°N 118.62500°E / 28.73611; 118.62500Coordinates: 28°44′10″N118°37′30″E / 28.73611°N 118.62500°E / 28.73611; 118.62500
Country People's Republic of China
Province Zhejiang
Prefecture-level city Quzhou
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Mount Jianglang of Jiangshan

Jiangshan (Chinese: 江山; pinyin: Jiāngshān) is a county-level city located in Quzhou prefecture, in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, China, bordering Jiangxi province to the west. Located about 250 kilometers southwest of Hangzhou, the provincial capital, it is the only county-level city in the prefecture. In 1999, Jiangshan's population stood at 563,196. The city is named aptly: Jiang means river and Shan means mountain; a river runs through the city and scenic Mt. Jianglang sits on its border.[1]

USA Today described Jiangshan as a "fairly prosperous city in one of China's most developed provinces".[2]

The Jiangshanian Age of the Cambrian Period of geological time is named for Jiangshan.

Administrative division [ edit ]

It has 3 streets, 11 towns, 5 townships, 13 communities, and 292 administrative villages:

  • Street: Hushan Street, Shuangta Street, Qinghu Street
  • Town: Town on more than four all towns, villages and towns celebrate, Fenglin Township , the town of Gap , benches town , shimenzhen, Big Town, the altar stone town, new town pond, Nianbadu town.
  • Township:Dachen Township, Bowl Kiln Township, Tangyuankou Township, Zhangcun Township , and Baoan Township

Education [ edit ]

Among the handful of schools in Jiangshan is Jiangshan Experimental Primary School, which is part of Zhejiang University's Global TEFL network. The program sends native English-speakers to their network schools to teach English for periods of 2–4 weeks.[3] Aside from these teachers, Jiangshan sees few Westerners because of its relative geographical obscurity. Jiangshan High School is also in Jiangshan.[2]

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