Jim Jannard

James Jannard
Born June 8, 1949

Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Alma mater University of Southern California (dropped out)
Occupation Businessman
Known for founder of Oakley, Inc.

founder of Red Digital Cinema Camera Company
Net worth US $2.8 billion

(April 2020)[1]

James Jannard (born June 8, 1949)[2] is an American designer and businessman, and founder of Oakley, Inc., an eyewear and apparel company, and Red Digital Cinema Camera Company.

Early life and career [ edit ]

Jannard was born in Los Angeles but was raised in Alhambra, California, the son of a pharmacist,[3] and graduated from Alhambra High School.[2] Jannard was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.[4][5][6] Jannard attended the USC School of Pharmacy but dropped out to travel the southwestern U.S. on a motorcycle.[7][3] In 1975, he started a one-man business selling motorcycle parts out of his car at motocross events. He named his company after his dog, Oakley.[7] He began developing his own products: first, custom handlebar grips that conformed to the shape of one's hand[3] and later motorcycle goggles, ski goggles, and sunglasses.[7] One model of sunglasses was used by bicycle racer Greg LeMond, raising Oakley's profile.[7] In the 1980s, he restricted the sale of Oakley sunglasses to the Sunglass Hut (although small specialty shops could continue to sell Oakley sunglasses).[3] In 1991, his company had 200 employees.[7] In 1995, the company went public.[3]

He sold Oakley in November 2007 for $2.1 billion to Italian company Luxottica, the world's largest eyewear manufacturers and retailers.[8]

In 2005, Jannard started Red Digital Cinema Camera Company, maker of the Red One, which has been used to shoot various Hollywood feature films. In 2009, Jannard was named one of the 100 Most Creative People by Fast Company Magazine.[9]

Personal life [ edit ]

Jannard owns the Fiji islands of Kaibu and Vatu Vara.[10] He also owns the 500-acre Spieden Island in the San Juan Islands archipelago.[7] In 1999, Jannard purchased two properties in Newport Beach, California, for about $15 million.[11]

Jannard's spouse is Misha Jannard.

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