Jing River

The Jing flows into the Wei near Xi'an.

Coordinates: 34°27′42″N109°03′59″E / 34.4618°N 109.0664°E / 34.4618; 109.0664

The Jing River (simplified Chinese: 泾河; traditional Chinese: 涇河) or Jing He (Pinyin: Jīng Hé), also called Jing Shui (simplified Chinese: 泾水; traditional Chinese: 涇河), is a tributary of the Wei River (Chinese: 渭河), which in turn is the largest tributary of the Yellow River.

The Jing River flows for 455.1 kilometres (282.8 mi), with a basin area of 45,000 square kilometres (17,000 sq mi). The river's flow varies greatly throughout the year, and soil erosion causes serious problems in its basin. Summer floods cause the Jing to be laden with sediment; in the dry season, the river flows with relatively clear water.

Water in the Jing River comes from Mount Liupan in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and flows through Gansu and Shaanxi, where it joins the Wei River in Gaoling County.

According to Chinese mythology a Dragon King ruled over the river.

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