Jingdong Yi Autonomous County

Jingdong County


Jingdong Yi Autonomous County
Location of Jingdong County (pink) and Pu'er City (yellow) within Yunnan province
Location of Jingdong County (pink) and Pu'er City (yellow) within Yunnan province
Jingdong is located in Yunnan
Location of the seat in Yunnan
Coordinates: 24°26′49″N100°50′02″E / 24.447°N 100.834°E / 24.447; 100.834Coordinates: 24°26′49″N100°50′02″E / 24.447°N 100.834°E / 24.447; 100.834
Country People's Republic of China
Province Yunnan
Prefecture Pu'er
GB/T 2260 CODE [1] 530821
 • Total 4,532 km2 (1,750 sq mi)
Elevation 1,872 m (6,142 ft)
 • Total 348,082
 • Density 77/km2 (200/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard Time)
Postal code
Area code(s) 0879 [2]
1Yunnan Statistics Bureau [1]

2Puer Gov. [2]

3Yunnan Portal [3]

Jingdong Yi Autonomous County (simplified Chinese: 景东彝族自治县; traditional Chinese: 景東彝族自治縣; pinyin: Jǐngdōng Yízú Zìzhìxiàn) is an autonomous county in the west-central part of Yunnan Province, China. It is the northernmost county-level division of the prefecture-level city of Pu'er.

Ethnic groups [ edit ]

The Hani of Jingdong (autonym: Kaduo 卡多) numbered 10,861 individuals as of 1990 and live primarily in Wenjing 文井, Zhehou 者后, and Huashan 花山 townships.

The Jingdong County Ethnic Gazetteer 景东县民族志 (2012:209) reports that are about 200 ethnic Bulang in Manbeng Village 曼崩村, Dachaoshandong Town 大朝山东镇.[3]

According to the Jingdong County Almanac (1994:519), ethnic Yao numbered 3,889 individuals in 1990, and lived mainly in Chaqing 岔箐[4] and Dasongshu 大松树[5] of Taizhong 太忠乡. Yao language speakers, known as the Lewu Yao 乐舞瑶族, were found in Puya Village 普牙村, Chaqing Township 岔箐乡 (Jingdong County Ethnic Gazetteer 2012:144).[6][7][8] The Jingdong County Ethnic Gazetteer (2012) reports that the Lewu language is now extinct.

Fauna [ edit ]

Frog species in Jingdong County include:

Family Megophryidae
Family Ranidae

Climate [ edit ]

References [ edit ]

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