Jinjiang District


Jinjiang is located in Sichuan
Location in Sichuan
Coordinates: 30°36′30″N104°06′57″E / 30.6083°N 104.1158°E / 30.6083; 104.1158Coordinates: 30°36′30″N104°06′57″E / 30.6083°N 104.1158°E / 30.6083; 104.1158[1]
Country People's Republic of China
Province Sichuan
Sub-provincial city Chengdu
 • Total 62.12 km2 (23.98 sq mi)
 • Total 690,422
 • Density 11,318/km2 (29,310/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Chengdu district map

Jinjiang District (simplified Chinese: 锦江区; traditional Chinese: 錦江區; pinyin: Jǐnjiāng Qū) is one of 11 urban districts of the prefecture-level city of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, Southwest China. It is bordered by Longquanyi District to the east, Shuangliu County to the south, Wuhou District to the west, Qingyang District to the northwest, and Chenghua District to the north.

As of 2013, Chengdu's Jinjiang district "is where the young and hip hang out — often in pairs".[3] The area has many "department stores and several other retailers, including the Gap, Zara, Uniqlo, and local brands like Li Ning".[3]

It is a laid back area where the locals enjoy traditional Chinese pastimes such as tea and mahjong.[citation needed] Langqiao bridge is located in the district. On the bridge there is a well-known restaurant[by whom?] where many famous local and national Chinese gather to enjoy the traditional food which is very spicy and numbing.

Geography [ edit ]

Sixteen subdistricts:[4]

Duyuanjie 督院街街道、Yanshikou 盐市口街道、Chunxilu 春熙路街道、Shuyuanjie 书院街街道、Hejiangting 合江亭街道、Shuijingfang 水井坊街道、Niushikou 牛市口街道、Longzhoulu 龙舟路街道、Shuangguilu 双桂路街道、Lianxin 莲新街道、Shahe 沙河街道、Dongguang 东光街道、Shizishan 狮子山街道、Chenglonglu 成龙路街道、Liujiang 柳江街道、Sansheng 三圣街道

Economy [ edit ]

The head office of the fast food chain Dicos is on the 10th Floor, Building A of the Baichuan Building (simplified Chinese: 百川大厦; traditional Chinese: 百川大廈; pinyin: Bǎichuān Dàshà) in Jinjiang District.[5]

China Resources Beverage, the distributor of C'estbon water, has its southwest regional office on the 7th floor of the A section of the MCC Building (中国五冶大厦; 中國五冶大廈; Zhōngguó Wǔyě Dàshà) in the district.[6]

All Nippon Airways operates its Chengdu Office in the district, in Tower 2 of Plaza Central. It opened on June 7, 2011.[7]

Education [ edit ]

Chengdu International School is located in the district.[8]

References [ edit ]

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