John of Aragon (patriarch)

archbishop of Toledo & Tarragona
Sepulcro del arzobispo Juan de Aragón y Anjou 03.jpg
John's tomb in Tarragona Cathedral.
Latin patriarch of Alexandria
Reign 27 August 1328 - 19 August 1334
Predecessor Oddone Sala
Successor Guillaume de Chanac
Born 1304
Died 19 August 1334

Podo, Saragossa
Noble family of Barcelona
Father James II of Aragon
Mother Blanche of Anjou
Religion Catholic Church

John of Aragon (1304–1334, Pobo, Saragossa) was a prince of Aragon. He was the son of James II of Aragon and his second wife Blanche of Anjou. He was archbishop of Toledo from 1319 until 1328. He became archbishop of Tarragona in 1327 and Latin Patriarch of Alexandria in 1328, holding both posts until his death.

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