José Freire Falcão

Jose Freire Falcão

Archbishop Emeritus of Brasília
José Freire Falcão.jpg
Photograph taken on 9 March 2003.
Church Roman Catholic Church
Archdiocese Brasília
See Brasília
Appointed 15 February 1984
Term ended 28 January 2004
Predecessor José Newton de Almeida Baptista
Successor João Braz de Aviz
Ordination 19 June 1949
Consecration 17 June 1967

by José de Medeiros Delgado
Created cardinal 28 June 1988

by Pope John Paul II
Rank Cardinal-Priest
Personal details
Birth name José Freire Falcão
Born (1925-10-23) 23 October 1925 (age 94)

Ererê, Brazil
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Motto Servir em humildade
Coat of arms Jose Freire Falcão's coat of arms

José Freire Falcão (Brazilian Portuguese: [ʒoˈzɛ ˈfɾej.ɾi fawˈkɐ̃w]; born 23 October 1925) is a Brazilian Roman Catholic cardinal and the former Archbishop of Brasília. He is also the current Cardinal-Priest of San Luca a Via Prenestina since he was made a cardinal in 1988.

Just six months short of turning 80 he served as one of the cardinal electors who participated in the 2005 papal conclave that elected Pope Benedict XVI.

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  • Catholic Hierarchy
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by

José Newton de Almeida Baptista
Archbishop of Brasília

15 February 1984 − 28 January 2004
Succeeded by

João Braz de Aviz
Order of precedence
Preceded by

Dias Toffoli

as President of the Supreme Federal Court
Brazilian order of precedence

6th in line

as Brazilian cardinal
Followed by

Ministers of State
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