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Joseph Smith–History (abbreviated JS–H) is a book in the Pearl of Great Price that contains an excerpt of the autobiographical record of some of the early events in Joseph Smith's life. It is part of the canonized standard works of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Like many of Smith's publications, it was dictated to a scribe.

The incidents described in Joseph Smith–History include the First Vision and the visitation of the angel Moroni. In its current form, the narrative ends with Smith translating the Book of Mormon, shortly before the foundation of Smith's Church of Christ, though the original Times and Seasons serial it is based on continued the story until the mid-1830s.

The text of Joseph Smith–History was excerpted from the first five chapters of the first volume of Joseph Smith's History of the Church (also known as Documentary History of the Church), edited by B. H. Roberts and published in its current format in 1902.[1]

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