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The Judicial Districts of Peru are subdivisions of the Judicial System of Peru. There are 33 [1] Judicial Districts in Peru:

Name Headquarters Established Establishing Law Jurisdiction
Amazonas Chachapoyas August 20, 1942 Law Nº 9397 Amazonas Region
Ancash Huaraz February 14, 1863 entire Ancash Region excluding the provinces of Santa, Casma, Huarmey, Corongo and Pallasca. It has also jurisdiction over the Marañón Province of Huanuco region.
Apurímac Abancay September 7, 1936 Law Nº 8242 Apurímac Region with exception of the Cotabambas Province.
Arequipa Arequipa July 27, 1825 Arequipa Region and the General Sánchez Cerro Province of the Moquegua Region.
Ayacucho Ayacucho March 21, 1844 Law Nº 8569 Ayacucho Region with the exception of the Cangallo, Lucanas, Parinacochas, and Paucar del Sara Sara provinces. It also has jurisdiction over the Churcampa Province of the Huancavelica Region.
Cajamarca Cajamarca January 28, 1862 Cajamarca Region with the exception of the provinces of Jaen, San Ignacio, and Cutervo. It also has jurisdiction over the Bolivar Province of La Libertad Region.
Callao Callao April 21, 1961 Law Nº 13212 Callao Region which is synonymous to the city of Callao
Cañete Cañete December 4, 1993 Law Nº 25680 The provinces of Cañete and Yauyos of the Lima Region.
Cono Norte Independencia May 26, 1993 Law Nº 25680 The section of the Lima Metropolitan Area called the Cono Norte
Cusco Cusco February 1, 1825 Cusco Region and the Cotabambas Province of the Apurímac Region
Huancavelica Huancavelica R1C3 Huancavelica Region excluding the provinces of Churcampa, Huaytará, and Tayacaja.
Huánuco Huánuco April 30, 1936 Law Nº 8166 Huánuco Region, with the exception of the Marañón Province and the Puerto Inca Province
Huaura Huacho November 10, 1993 Law Nº 25689 provinces of Barranca, Cajatambo, Huaura, Huaral, and Oyón of the Lima Region.
Ica Ica March 17, 1937 Law Nº 8452 Ica Region and including Huaytará Province of the Huancavelica Region, and the Lucanas, Parinacochas, and Paucar del Sara Sara provinces of the Ayacucho Region.
Junín Huancayo May 15, 1920 entire Junín Region. Its jurisdiction also includes the Oxapampa Province of the Pasco Region and the Tayacaja Province of the Huancavelica Region.} Judicial Power of Peru.
La Libertad Trujillo April 30, 1824 La Libertad Region excluding the Bolívar Province
Lambayeque Chiclayo May 4, 1920 Law Nº 4049 entire Lambayeque Region. Its jurisdiction also includes the Jaén, San Ignacio, and Cutervo provinces of the Cajamarca Region
Lima Lima December 22, 1824 35 of the 43 Districts of Lima
Loreto Iquitos April 21, 1907 Law Nº 230 Loreto Region excluding the Alto Amazonas Province
Madre de Dios Puerto Maldonado Administrative Resolution Nº 065-2001-CE-PJ July 2, 2001 Madre de Dios Region
Moquegua Moquegua April 15, 2004 Law Nº 15805 Moquegua Region excluding the General Sánchez Cerro Province which falls under the jurisdiction of the Judicial District of Arequipa
Pasco It has jurisdiction over the provinces of Pasco Region, excluding Oxapampa Province.
Piura Piura February 26, 1876 Piura Region
Puno Puno July 28, 1850 Law Nº 138 Puno Region
San Martín Moyobamba May 2, 1942 Law Nº 9362 San Martín Region and the Alto Amazonas Province of Loreto Region
Santa Chimbote June 30, 1997 Administrative Resolution Nº 376-CME-PJ Santa, Casma, Corongo, Pallasca, and Huarmey of the Ancash Region
Tumbes Tumbes May 3, 2001 Administrative Resolution Nº 035-2001 Tumbes Region
Tacna Tacna June 13, 1857 Tacna Region
Ucayali Pucallpa April 17, 1993 Law Nº 25147 Ucayali Region and the Puerto Inca Province of the Huánuco Region

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