Jungwacht Blauring

Jungwacht Blauring
Abbreviation Jubla
Formation Jungwacht: June 26, 1932; 87 years ago (1932-06-26) / Blauring: September 17, 1933; 86 years ago (1933-09-17)
Type Swiss non-profit youth organization
Purpose Catholic children and youth organization
Headquarters Luzern,   Switzerland
31,000 members

Jungwacht Blauring (short: Jubla) is a Swiss children and youth organization. Jubla is one of the biggest children and youth organizations in Switzerland.[1] Jubla is a member of the Catholic umbrella of youth organizations Fimcap.

History [ edit ]

The first Jungwacht group was founded on 26 June 1932 in Birsfelden as an organization for young Catholic males. Later more and more other parishes in Switzerland also founded Jungwacht groups. Don Bosco was chosen as patron for the Jungwacht.

In 1933 Blauring was founded as organization for young Catholic females. The term Ring (German for "ring") symbolizes the community and the term Blau (German for "blue") was chosen because blue is the colour of Mary and of the female. Mary was also chosen as patron of Blauring.

In the 1970s Jungwacht and Blauring started cooperating and signed a formal cooperation agreement in the 1990s. In 2009 the two organizations were officially merged at the national level.

Structure [ edit ]

Levels [ edit ]

Jubla is structured in different levels:

  • Group: At local level there are usually regular meetings for children guided by youth leaders. Most of the groups meet once a week.
  • "Schar" (= Local group): Several groups which are based at one place form together a local group called "Schar".
  • Region: Some local groups are coordinated at regional level.
  • Canton: All regions and local groups which are not coordinated in a region are coordinated also at cantonal level.
  • National level: All cantonal organizations form together the federal organization.

Cantonal organizations [ edit ]

Cantonal organization of Jubla
Wappen Aargau matt.svg | Aargau
Wappen Bern matt.svg | Bern
Wappen Basel-Stadt matt.svg / Coat of arms of Kanton Basel-Landschaft.svg | Basel-Stadt / Basel-Landschaft
Wappen Freiburg matt.svg | Fribourg
Wappen Graubünden matt.svg | Graubünden
Wappen Luzern matt.svg | Lucerne
Wappen Nidwalden matt.svg / Wappen Obwalden matt.svg | Nidwalden / Obwalden
Coat of arms of canton of St. Gallen.svg / Wappen Appenzell Ausserrhoden matt.svg / Wappen Appenzell Innerrhoden matt.svg / Wappen Glarus matt.svg | St. Gallen / Appenzell Ausserrhoden / Appenzell Innerrhoden / Glarus
Wappen Schaffhausen matt.svg | Schaffhausen
Wappen Solothurn matt.svg | Solothurn
Wappen Uri matt.svg / Wappen des Kantons Schwyz.svg| Uri / Schwyz
Wappen Thurgau matt.svg | Thurgau
Wappen Wallis matt.svg] | Valais
Wappen Zug matt.svg] | Zug
Wappen Zürich matt.svg | Zürich

References [ edit ]

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