K. Ali Kutty Musliyar

K. Ali Kutty Musliyar
Ali Kutty

1945 (age 74–75)

Thirurkad, Malappuram, Kerala, India
Nationality India
Education Post-graduation in Islamic studies (Faizy)
Alma mater Jami'a Nooriya Arabiya
Occupation General Secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama,
Known for command in Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic academician
Title Sheik al-Jamia (شيخ الجامعة)
Predecessor Zainul Ulama Cherussery Zainuddeen Musliyar
Spouse(s) Fatima
  • Moosa Haji (father)
  • Beeyathu Kutty (mother)

K. Ali Kutty Musliyar, (Arabic: علي كودي مسليار, Malayalam: ആലിക്കുട്ടി മുസ്ലിയാർ) is an Islamic scholar, writer, orator, thinker and spiritual leader from Kerala, South India. He is the General Secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, one of the largest Muslim organization in the south Indian state of Kerala.[1] He is the principal of Jamiya Nooriya Arabic college, Pattikad and the Quazi (chief jurist of Islamic affairs) of Kasaragod. He is known for his skills in Islamic jurisprudence and was enrolled as the member of International Fiqh Council, under Muslim World League

Early life [ edit ]

He completed his postgraduate degree in 1968.[2]

Prof.K Alikkutty Musliyar meets General Secretary of the Muslim World LeagueDr.Abdallah Ben Abdel Mohsen At-Turki on 23rd Dec., 2015 at its headquarters in Makkah[3]
Prof. Ali Musliyar at coronation ceremony as Qazi of Kasaragod

Career [ edit ]

He was appointed as Khatib (chief orator in Masjid) at 14 and was installed as Quazi (chief jurisprudent) of Tirurkad by 20. After his course in Jamiya Nooriya Pattikad, he served as Meenar Kuzhi Darse. In 1970, he became the general secretary of Samastha Perintalmanna Taluk chapter and in 1976 as Malappuram district joint secretary of Samastha. In 1978, he was elected general secretary of Pattikad Jamiya Nooriya alumni, in 1986 as the member of Mushavara council and in 1991 as the general secretary of SYS. In 1979 he started lecturing in Jamiya Nooriya Pattikad and by 2003 had become principal of the institution.

He was known for his presentation in international seminars such as Hyderabad international seminar (1986), where he presented a paper on ‘Post Modern issues and Islamic jurisprudence’ and Hyderabad national seminar (1989), where he presented a paper on the rearrangement of Arabian-Persian studies. In 1998, he participated in an Arabic language and literature refresher course and presented a paper. He is a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and served as chairman of the Kerala State Hajj Committee from 2003-2006 an

d vice chairman of Haj Committee of India in 2006. He was chief editor of Sunni Afkar, the official magazine of SYS, Al Muallim monthly, Annur Arabic and Muslim Lokam Year Book, published by Data Net based on Tirurkad. In 2012, he was invited by UAE Awqaf as one of the Ramnadan guest of the President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan[4]

Administrator [ edit ]

He occupied many positions at various institutions such as general secretary of Vettattoor Anvarul Huda Islamic complex, vice president of Tirurkad Anvarul Huda Islamic complex, president of Ponnani Maunatool Islam Arabic College[5] and president of Vatakara Hujjathul Islam Arabic College. He is vice president of the Sunni Mahell Federation (SMF) as well as the Samastha Kerala Vidyabyasa Board. He was installed as leader of Kasaragod Quazi on 18 October 2013.[6] After the demise of Cherussery Zainuddeen Musliyar, he was elevated as general secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama

Positions [ edit ]

Position Tenure
General Secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama 2016 onwards
Vice Chairman, Suprabhaatham Daily in Malayalam[7] 2014 onwards
Qazi of Kasaragod 2013 onwards
Vice President, Samastha Kerala Islamic Educational Board 2009 onwards
Chief Editor, Al-Muallim Monthly in Malayalam 2009 onwards
Chief Editor, Al-Noor Monthly in Arabic[8] 2009 onwards
Member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board 2008 onwards
Vice Chairman, Hajj Committee of India[9] 2006-2009
President, Hujjathul Islam Islamic Complex, Vatakara, Kerala 2005 onwards
Chief Editor, Sunni Afkar Weekly in Malayalam 2005 onwards
Vice President, Kerala State Muslim Orphanage Coordination Committee 2004 onwards
Principal, Jamia Nooriya Arabiya, Pattikkad, Malappuram, Kerala 2003 onwards
Chairman, Hajj Committee of Kerala[10] 2003-2006
President, Maunathul Islam Arabic College, Ponnani, Kerala 2000 onwards
General Secretary, Anvarul Huda Islamic Complex[11] Present
Member of Islamic Fiqh Council under Muslim World League[12] Present
Controller of Examinations, Coordination of Islamic Colleges (CIC-Wafy), Kerala[13] Present
General Secretary, Sunni Yuvajana Samgham (Sunni Youth Society-SYS) 1992-2016
General, Manager, Anvarul Islam Institution, Thiroorkad, Kerala 1970 onwards
Khateeb and Qazi of Thirurkad Mahallu,Malappuram, Kerala[11] 1965 onwards

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