KSE 30 Index

The Karachi Stock Exchange has launched the KSE-30 Index with base value of 10,000 points, formally implemented from Friday, September 1, 2006. The main feature of this index that makes it different from other indices are:

  • KSE-30 index is based only on the free-float of shares, rather than on the basis of paid-up capital.
  • The other indices in Karachi Stock Exchange represents total return of the market. That is, when a company announces a dividend, the other indices at KSE are not reduced/adjusted for that amount of dividend (whether cash or bonus).Whereas, KSE-30 Index is adjusted for dividends and right shares.

At the end of 24 December, 2014, KSE-30 Index reached its highest ever level of 20,830.07.

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KSE 30 Index only represents the free float of shares rather than on basis of paid up capital, and difference between kse 30 index and other index is, other indices represents the total return on the market. top 30 companies participates in it.

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