Kai Kung Leng

Kai Kung Leng
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View of Kai Kung Leng, Lam Tsuen Country Park, HK
Highest point
Elevation 585 m (1,919 ft)

Hong Kong Principal Datum Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinates 22°27′50.63″N 114°5′7.98″E / 22.4640639°N 114.0855500°E  
Kai Kung Leng

Kai Kung Leng (Chinese: 雞公嶺; lit.: 'Cock/Cockscomb Ridge') is a mountain range in Lam Tsuen Country Park, New Territories, Hong Kong.[1]

Geography [ edit ]

There are several peaks on this mountain range.[2] The tallest peak on the Kai Kung Leng mountain range is called Lo Tin Teng and is 585 metres (1,919 ft) above sea level. Nearby, a peak simply called Kai Kung Leng, with the summit-signalling trigonometric post, stands at 572 metres (1,877 ft). Slightly further away to the west, a subpeak called Kai Kung Shan is 374 metres (1,227 ft) tall.

List of selected peaks [ edit ]

  • Lo Tin Teng (羅天頂) (585 metres (1,919 ft))
  • Kai Kung Leng, as known as Tai Lo Tin (大羅天) or formerly Kwai Kok Shan (572 metres (1,877 ft))
  • Lung Tam Shan (龍潭山) (550 metres (1,804 ft))
  • Kai Kung Shan (雞公山) (374 metres (1,227 ft))
  • Ngau Tam Shan (牛潭山) (337 metres (1,106 ft))
  • Kei Lun Shan (麒麟山) (222 metres (728 ft))

Disambiguation [ edit ]

In Hong Kong, there are other similarly-named mountains in different regions of the city, such as Kai Kung Shan (399 m) in Sai Kung West Country Park and another Kai Kung Leng in Kat O (122 m). These locations are all popular hiking spots, so one must plan correctly when visiting.

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References [ edit ]

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