Kai Shan

Kai Shan, Hong Kong
Ah Kai Shan 201612.jpg
View of Kai Shan and surrounding areas
Highest point
Elevation 121 m (397 ft)
Coordinates 22°27′32″N 114°00′58″E / 22.459°N 114.016°E  
Kai Shan, Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong
Kai Shan, Hong Kong
Kai Shan, Hong Kong
Location of Kai Shan in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Kai Shan (Chinese: 髻山) is a hill in Wang Chau, in the New Territories of Hong Kong, separating the new towns of Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai. It has a height of 121 metres (397 ft).[1]

Kai Shan is a private property and is owned by the Tang Clan. According to reports, the hill is burned regularly to keep the vegetation low.[2]

Kai Shan viewed from the fish ponds of Fung Lok Wai.

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Coordinates: 22°32′35″N114°11′39″E / 22.54298°N 114.19410°E / 22.54298; 114.19410

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