Krymskyi Institute of Eastern Studies

Krymskyi Institute of Eastern Studies
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Established 1991
Location ,
Address 4 Hrushevsky Street
Building of the institute

Krymskyi Institute of Oriental Studies (Ukrainian: Інститут сходознавства імені Агатангела Кримського) is a research institute in Ukraine that is part of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine department of history, philosophy and law and studies languages, histories, philosophies, religions, and cultures of peoples of Asia, Near, Middle and Far East, Northern Africa, and ethnicities of oriental origin that have existed or live on territory of Ukraine. The institute is located in Kiev.

It is named after Ukrainian orientalist Ahatanhel Krymskyi.

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Beside the Institute of History of Ukraine, the building also houses two other research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Shevchenko Institute of Literature and the Potebnya Institute of Linguistics.

During the events of Euromaidan in winter of 2014, near the building were erected the Hrushevsky Street barricades.

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