Kubbar Island

Jazirat Kubbar Lighthouse
Kubbar island.jpg
Location Kubbar Island

Coordinates 29°04′18″N 48°29′36″E  /  29.07167°N 48.49333°E  / 29.07167; 48.49333
Foundation concrete base
Construction metal skeletal tower
Tower shape square pyramidal tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern black and white horizontal bands tower
Tower height 25 metres (82 ft)
Focal height 28 metres (92 ft)
Light source solar power
Range 18 nautical miles (33 km; 21 mi)
Characteristic Fl (2) 10s.
Admiralty number D7573
NGA number 29176
ARLHS number KUW-001
Managing agent Middle East Navigation Aids Service [1][2]

Kubbar (Arabic: جزيرة كبر‎) is a sandy island of Kuwait in the Persian Gulf, covered with shrub. It is located roughly 30 kilometers off the southern coast of Kuwait and 29 kilometres off the coast of Failaka. The island is nearly circular, with a diameter of 370 to 380 meters, corresponding to an area of about 11 ha. It is sandy, with low coasts and sparsely vegetated. The island is inhabited by various forms of wildlife.

Around six Iraqi soldiers killed in the Gulf War of 1991 lie buried on the island. Their graves are marked discreetly, in the Islamic manner.

Kubbar is surrounded by coral reefs and is therefore popular with scuba divers.

The coral reefs in this region are included in the regular ongoing voluntary work of the renowned award-winning Kuwait Dive Team (KDT), a group voted by United Nations as the best in the world.

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Coordinates: 29°04′18″N48°29′33″E / 29.0718°N 48.4925°E / 29.0718; 48.4925

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