Kwun Tong District Council

Kwun Tong District Council

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Founded 2 April 1981 (1981-04-02) (District Board)

1 July 1997 (1997-07-01) (Provisional)

1 January 2000 (2000-01-01) (District Council)
Choy Chak-hung, Independent
Mok Kin-shing, Democratic
Seats 40 councillors

consisting of

40 elected members
9 / 40
6 / 40
4 / 40
2 / 40
1 / 40
1 / 40
1 / 40
16 / 40
First past the post
Last election
24 November 2019
Meeting place
Millennium City 6.JPG
Unit 05-07, 20/F Millennium City 6, Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

The Kwun Tong District Council (Chinese: 觀塘區議會) is the district council for the Kwun Tong District in Hong Kong. It is one of 18 such councils. The Kwun Tong District Council currently consists of 40 members, of which the district is divided into 40 constituencies, electing a total of 40 members. The council was created in April 1981 under the District Board Ordinance 1981. The last election was held on 24 November 2019.

History [ edit ]

The Kwun Tong District Council was established on 2 April 1981 under the name of the Kwun Tong District Board as the result of the colonial Governor Murray MacLehose's District Administration Scheme reform. The District Board was partly elected with the ex-officio Urban Council members, as well as members appointed by the Governor until 1994 when last Governor Chris Patten refrained from appointing any member.

The Kwun Tong District Board became Kwun Tong Provisional District Board after the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) was established in 1997 with the appointment system being reintroduced by Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa. The Kwun Tong District Council was established on 1 January 2000 after the first District Council election in 1999. The council has become fully elected when the appointed seats were abolished in 2011 after the modified constitutional reform proposal was passed by the Legislative Council in 2010.

The Kwun Tong District Council is one of the largest District Councils in Hong Kong. Due to its large population, the political parties' influence was countered by the conservative independent community leaders. Because of the large presence of lower-income groups and industrial character, the Kwun Tong District Council has also been a stronghold for the pro-Beijing grassroots political groups, including the Kwun Tong Residents Association headed by Hau Shui-pui, council chairman from 1997 to 2003, and Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) and its Legislative Councillor Chan Kam-lam. It also the voter base of pro-democracy politicians Szeto Wah of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union (PTU) and Fred Li of the Meeting Point who was first elected to the District Board in the 1985 election and got directly elected to the Legislative Council with Szeto through the district in 1991.

The pro-democracy camp first achieved more than half of the elected seats and took control of the board in the 1994 election. The pro-democracy majority was offset by the appointed members after 1997. In the tide of democracy caused by the 2003 July 1 march, the pro-democrats again achieved majority of the elected seats but was countered by the appointed seats.[1] The pro-democracy influence shrank significantly after 2003, with the Democratic Party dropped their seats from nine seats in the 2003 election to three in their territory-wide defeat in 2007 and had not yet been able to recover from it until the 2019 landslide victory which gave the pro-democrats the control of the council with 28 of the 40 seats and Democratic Party rebounding to the largest party status.

Political control [ edit ]

Since 1982 political control of the council has been held by the following parties:

Camp in control Largest party Years Composition
No Overall Control Civic Association 1982–1985
Pro-government Civic Association 1985–1988

Pro-government Meeting Point 1988–1991

No Overall Control United Democrats 1991–1994

Pro-democracy Democratic 1994–1997

Pro-Beijing Democratic 1997–1999

Pro-Beijing Democratic 2000–2003

Pro-Beijing Democratic → DAB 2004–2007

Pro-Beijing DAB 2008–2011

Pro-Beijing DAB 2012–2015

Pro-Beijing DAB 2016–2019

Pro-democracy Democratic 2020–2023

Political makeup [ edit ]

Elections are held every four years.

    Political party Council members Current

1994 1999 2003 2007 2011 2015 2019
  Independent 11 18 21 22 20 19 18
16 / 40
  Democratic 7 9 9 3 2 3 9
9 / 40
  DAB 4 6 4 9 12 10 6
6 / 40
  Civic - - - 0 0 1 4
4 / 40
  FPHE - - - - - 1 2
2 / 40
  FTU - - - - 1 2 1
1 / 40
  KEC - - - - - 0 -
1 / 40
  CAP - - - - - - -
1 / 40

District result maps [ edit ]

Members represented [ edit ]

Starting from 1 January 2020:

Code Constituency Name Political affiliation Notes
J01 Kwun Tong Central Edith Leung Yik-ting Democratic
J02 Kowloon Bay Winnie Poon Yam Wai-chun Independent
J03 Kai Yip Derek Wan Ka-him Democratic
J04 Lai Ching Sheik Anthony Bux Civic
J05 Ping Shek Kira Lai Po-kwai Democratic
J06 Choi Tak Tam Siu-cheuk DAB
J07 Jordan Valley Frankie Ngan Man-yu DAB
J08 Shun Tin Mok Kin-shing Democratic
J09 Sheung Shun Fu Pik-chun Independent
J10 On Lee Choy Chak-hung Independent
J11 Kwun Tong On Tai Lam Wai FPHE
J12 Sau Mau Ping North Raymond Tang Wai-man Independent
J13 Sau Mau Ping Central Cheung Pui-kong DAB
J14 On Tat Hsu Yau-wai DAB
J15 Sau Mau Ping South Jimmy Chan Yiu-hung Independent
J16 Po Tat Fung Ka-lung Independent
J17 Kwong Tak Wilson Or Chong-shing DAB
J18 Hing Tin Nelson Ip Tsz-kit Democratic
J19 Lam Tin Kan Ming-tung FTU/DAB
J20 Ping Tin Eason Chan Yik-shun Independent
J21 Pak Nga Chan Man-kin Democratic
J22 Chun Cheung Yvonne Tse Suk-chun Independent
J23 Yau Tong East Ricky Kung Chun-ki Independent
J24 Yau Chui Sunny Pang Chi-sang FPHE
J25 Yau Lai Wang Wai-lun Independent
J26 Yau Tong West Lui Tung-hai Independent
J27 Laguna City William Li Wai-lam Civic
J28 King Tin Wong Ka-ying Civic
J29 Tsui Ping Hung Chun-hin Democratic
J30 Hiu Lai Wilson Cheung Man-fung Independent
J31 Po Lok Cheng Keng-ieong Democratic
J32 Yuet Wah Jannelle Rosalynne Leung Kwun Tong Future
J33 Hip Hong Li Ka-tat CAP
J34 Lok Wah South Kevin So Koon-chung Independent
J35 Lok Wah North Wong Chi-ken KEC
J36 Hong Lok Chris Chan Ka-yin Independent
J37 Ting On Bill Wong Kai-ming Democratic
J38 Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate Leung Tang-fung DAB
J39 Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate Li Wing-shan Independent
J40 To Tai Steven Lee Kwan-chak Civic

Leadership [ edit ]

Chairs [ edit ]

Since 1985, the chairman is elected by all the members of the board:

Chairman Years Political Affiliation
David Tsui Kwan-ping 1981–1982 District Officer
Kevin I. K. Mak 1982–1985 District Officer
Lam Hang-fai 1985–1994 Independent
Winnie Poon Yam Wai-chun 1994–1997 Independent
Hau Shui-pui 1997–2003 Independent
Bunny Chan Chung-bun 2004–2019 Independent
Choy Chak-hung 2020–present Independent

Vice Chairs [ edit ]

Vice Chairman Years Political Affiliation
Wu Kwok-cheung 2000–2003 Independent
Leung Fu-wing 2004–2007 Independent
So Lai-chun 2008–2015 Independent
Hung Kam-in 2016–2019 DAB
Mok Kin-shing 2020–present Democratic

References [ edit ]

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