Lüliang Mountains

Lüliang Mountains
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The Lüliang Mountains in 2009. To its east lie the Fen River valley, the Taihangs, and the North China Plain, here filled with pollution.
Traditional Chinese 呂梁 山脈
Simplified Chinese 吕梁 山脉
Literal meaning Spiny Ridge Mountain Range

The Lüliang Mountains are a mountain range in central China, dividing Shanxi's Fen River valley from the Yellow River. The range forces the Yellow River southwards on the eastern side of the Ordos Loop but tapers off to the south, where the Fen turns west to join the Yellow River before the Qin Mountains turn the combined river sharply eastward at its confluence with the Wei at Tongguan in Shaanxi.

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  • Taihang Mountains in eastern Shanxi, dividing the Fen valley from the North China Plain
  • Greater Khingan in Manchuria, which runs south form the Taihang and Lüliang
  • Tongguan and Hangu Pass, passes between the Lüliang foothills and the Qin Mountains

Coordinates: 37°53′55″N111°29′31″E / 37.8985°N 111.4919°E / 37.8985; 111.4919

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