Lands Tribunal (Hong Kong)

Lands Tribunal
Location 38, Gascoigne Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Authorized by Hong Kong Basic Law
Appeals to Court of Appeal
Currently The Hon Madam Justice Lisa Wong
Lands Tribunal
Traditional Chinese 土地審裁處

The Lands Tribunal is a tribunal in Hong Kong that deals with legal disputes over land. It was established by the Lands Tribunal Ordinance (Cap. 17). It is situated in the former Kowloon Magistracy building.

Disputes not resolved at this level are taken to the Court of Appeal (Hong Kong).

Composition [ edit ]

The Lands Tribunal consists of professional judges: a President (who is a Judge of the Court of First Instance of the High Court) and Presiding Officers (who are District Judges or Deputy District Judges). In addition, there are Members of the Tribunal who are qualified surveyors.[1]

The President and a Presiding Officer may either sit alone or together with a Member in hearing cases. A Member may also sit alone in hearing cases.

The current composition of the Lands Tribunal (as at 12 April 2019) is as follows:


  • The Hon Madam Justice Lisa Wong Kwok-ying[2]

Presiding Officers

  • His Honour Judge Michael Wong Yat-ming
  • Deputy District Judge Michelle Soong Wing-sum


  • Lawrence Pang Ho-chuen
  • Alex Ng Siu-lam

References [ edit ]

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