Lhasa Hotel

The Lhasa Hotel (Chinese: 拉萨饭店) is a modern accommodation built in the city of Lhasa, Tibet, China; a 4-star hotel lying at an altitude of 3,600 m. It is located northeast of the Norbu Lingka Summer Palace in western Lhasa.

Completed in September 1985, the hotel is the flagship of the China International Travel Services' installations in Tibet. It accommodates about 1,000 guests.

The Lhasa Hotel is one of the few international 4-star hotels in Tibet. There are over 450 rooms (suites) in the hotel, and all are equipped with air conditioning, a mini-bar and other basic facilities. Some of the rooms are decorated in traditional Tibetan style.

An account of the running of the hotel is related in the 2001 book The Hotel on the Roof of the World.

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Coordinates: 29°39′29″N91°05′41″E / 29.65806°N 91.09472°E / 29.65806; 91.09472

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