Lhasa railway station



Lhasa Station
Location Doilungdêqên, Lhasa, Tibet

Coordinates 29°37′30″N 91°04′07″E  /  29.62500°N 91.06861°E  / 29.62500; 91.06861
Line(s) Qingzang railway

Lari railway
Platforms 4
  • Bus terminal

Lhasa railway station (Tibetan: ལྷ་སའི་འབབ་ཚུགས་, ZYPY: Lhasai babcug, simplified Chinese: 拉萨站; traditional Chinese: 拉薩站; pinyin: Lāsà zhàn) is a railway station in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China.

Location [ edit ]

The railway station lies in Niu New Area, Doilungdêqên District, 1 kilometer to the south of the Lhasa River and 5 kilometers south west of the Potala Palace.

The Liuwu Bridge links central Lhasa to Lhasa railway station and the newly developed Niu New Area on the south bank of the Lhasa River.[1] The bridge is one of the notable structures of the 1,142 kilometres (710 mi) Qinghai–Tibet Railway, the highest railway in the world.[2]

Schedules [ edit ]

Five passenger trains stop at this station each day.

Track layout [ edit ]

The Lhasa passenger railway station is large compared to current needs as it has four track serving two island platforms, all undercover of an overall roof. There is room for one more island platform and three more tracks.

A departure indicator displays information on the next four trains scheduled to depart in both Chinese and Tibetan. The times and train numbers are in Latin alphanumeric characters.[3]

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