Libertarians (Brazil)

Libertarians Party

Chairperson Matheus Polli
Founded June 20, 2009; 11 years ago (2009-06-20)
Headquarters São Paulo and Brasília
Ideology Minarchism



Economic liberalism
International affiliation Interlibertarians
Colors   Yellow   Black

Libertarians (Libertários, LIBER) is a libertarian-oriented Brazilian political organization listed among the political parties in formation by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). It was founded on June 20, 2009, in Belo Horizonte.[1]

The current chairman is Matheus Polli.

History [ edit ]

The idea to create the Libertários party began in a community om Orkut (social network), in the year of 2006.[2] LIBER had its program and status published in the Federal Official Gazette in January 2010.[3] On the publication, the journalist Sonia Racy wrote "Was what Was Needed" on her column.[4]

Among the political activities, LIBER held a demonstration on the Rio de Janeiro's waterfront against the PNDH 3.[5] It has participated in liberal forums and seminars, such as the Austrian Economy Seminar[6] and the Freedom and Democracy Forum in Belo Horizonte.[7] In addition, Libertários organized and participated in demonstrations against the transportation concession model[8] and for deregulation of the market[9]

The Libertarians are affiliated to the Interlibertarians,[10] an international association of libertarian parties and organizations. However, by strongly defending the market economy with minimal state interference, the party is sometimes and erroneously associated with the new right.[11]

Events [ edit ]

  • November 21, 2005: The party's community is created on Orkut, where the founders began to seriously discuss the idea of creating a libertarian party in Brazil.
  • June 20, 2009: LIBER's foundation in Belo Horizonte.
  • January 19, 2010: Publication of the Statute and Program in the Official Gazette of the Union.
  • April 10, 2010: 2nd National Meeting, in Porto Alegre.
  • November 11, 2010: CNPJ obtainment.
  • April 10, 2011: 3rd National Meeting in Porto Alegre and election of the new national directory.
  • May 12, 2012: 4th National Meeting, in São Paulo.
  • September 10, 2012: LIBER500 Campaign launched.

Ideology [ edit ]

The party defends libertarianism.[2] In Nolan's Chart, it is possible to identify it as opposed to authoritarianism, resembling the leftist ideology for supporting civil liberties, adopting thoughts such as those of Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, and Robert Nozick, but distinguishes itself in what concerns the interference of State in the economy. Likewise, it supports free-market policies, that is, its ideological focus lies in the thoughts of Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, and Ludwig von Mises. As far as economic thinking is concerned, the party has great identification with the Austrian School.[12] The himself Instituto Ludwig von Mises Brasil has articles where he recognizes in the libertarian ideology his ideal.[13][14]

In an interview with Instituto Pais Melhor, Bernardo Santoro, former president of LIBER, defines libertarianism as "a political philosophy based on the principles of individual sovereignty, non-initiation of aggression and self-ownership. For libertarianism, therefore, man is owner of his body and the result of the mixing of his work with nature, which results in the creation of a legal system strongly based on private property and an economic system based on free market and free interaction between Individuals".[15]

Registration process [ edit ]

Currently, the party is in the process of collecting signatures that will be delivered to the Superior Electoral Court to reach a minimum of 500,000 signatures. More than 6,000 people have already signed it.

Directories [ edit ]

Note: The following table is sorted alphabetically from the States.

Directory listing in June 2020
Nacional City State Address Status
Brasília DF Facebook Active
São Paulo SP Active
Regional Salvador BA Inactive
Fortaleza CE Inactive
Goiânia GO Inactive
São Luís MA Inactive
Campo Grande MS Facebook Active
João Pessoa PB Inactive
Curitiba PR Inactive
Rio de Janeiro RJ Inactive
Natal RN Inactive
Florianópolis SC Inactive
São Paulo SP Active
Aracaju SE Active

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References [ edit ]

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