Linyi County, Shanxi

Linyi County

Location in Yuncheng
Location in Yuncheng
Linyi is located in Shanxi
Location of the seat in Shanxi
Coordinates: 35°08′39″N110°46′28″E / 35.14417°N 110.77444°E / 35.14417; 110.77444Coordinates: 35°08′39″N110°46′28″E / 35.14417°N 110.77444°E / 35.14417; 110.77444
Country People's Republic of China
Province Shanxi
Prefecture-level city Yuncheng
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Linyi County (simplified Chinese: 临猗县; traditional Chinese: 臨猗縣; pinyin: Línyī Xiàn) is a county in the southwest of Shanxi province, China, bordering Shaanxi province to the west. It is under the administration of Yuncheng city.

Transport [ edit ]

Linyi is situated about 22 km from Yuncheng city. It has a regular bus service connecting Yuncheng city and Yuncheng North station. The G209 road connects Linyi and Yuncheng.

Education [ edit ]

There are several key schools in Linyi county which serve the county and surrounding towns and villages. Yuncheng University is 12km away from Linyi county.

References [ edit ]

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