List of Legislative Council of Hong Kong members 1985–88

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This is a list of Members of the Legislative Council in the colonial period (excluding official members) from 30 October 1985 to 25 August 1988 after the first ever elections to the Council were held on 26 September 1985.

After the elections, there were 11 Official Members (including four ex officio), and 46 Unofficial Members, of whom 22 were appointed by the Governor, 12 elected from functional constituencies, one elected from among members of the Urban Council, one elected from among members of the Regional Council, and 10 elected by an electoral college constituency made up of members of all district boards.

List of Members of the Legislative Council [ edit ]

Members who did not serve throughout the term are italicised.

Selection Method Capacity or Constituency Members Political alignment Remarks
President Governor Sir Edward Youde Died in office on 5 December 1986 and replaced by David Clive Wilson.
Ex Officio Chief Secretary Sir David Akers-Jones Replaced by David Robert Ford in 1987.
Ex Officio Financial Secretary Sir John Henry Bremridge Replaced by Piers Jacobs in 1986.
Ex Officio Attorney General Sir Michael David Thomas Replaced by Jeremy Fell Mathews in 1988.
Appointed Unofficial Lydia Dunn Conservative Senior Unofficial Member
Appointed Unofficial Chen Shou-lum Conservative Replaced by Edward Ho on 1 October 1987.
Appointed Unofficial Peter Wong Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Ho Kam-fai Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Allen Lee Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Hu Fa-kuang Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Wong Po-yan Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Chan Kam-chuen Liberal
Appointed Unofficial John Joseph Swaine Conservative
Functional First Industrial Stephen Cheong Conservative
Electoral Regional Council Lau Wong-fat Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Cheung Yan-lung Moderate
Appointed Unofficial Selina Chow Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Maria Tam PHKS (conservative)
Appointed Unofficial Henrietta Ip Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Chan Ying-lun Moderate
Appointed Unofficial Rita Fan Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Pauline Ng Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Peter Poon Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Yeung Po-kwan Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Kim Cham Conservative
Electoral South Kowloon Jackie Chan Liberal
Functional Engineering, Architectural, Surveying and Planning Cheng Hon-kwan Conservative
Functional Medical Chiu Hin-kwong Conservative
Electoral Urban Council Hilton Cheong-Leen HKCA (moderate)
Electoral Sham Shui Po Chung Pui-lam PHKS (conservative)
Functional First Commercial Thomas Clydesdale Conservative
Functional Second Commercial Ho Sai-chu Conservative
Functional Social Services Hui Yin-fat Liberal
Electoral South New Territories Richard Lai Liberal
Electoral Wong Tai Sin Conrad Lam Liberal
Functional Legal Martin Lee Liberal
Electoral East Island Lee Yu-tai Liberal
Functional Finance David Li Conservative
Electoral West Island Liu Lit-for Conservative
Functional Second Industrial Ngai Shiu-kit Conservative
Functional Labour Pang Chun-hoi Pro-Taiwan
Electoral Kwun Tong Poon Chi-fai PHKS (moderate)
Appointed Unofficial Poon Chung-kwong Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Helmut Sohmen Conservative
Functional Teaching Szeto Wah Liberal
Electoral West New Territories Tai Chin-wah Conservative
Appointed Unofficial Rosanna Tam Moderate
Functional Labour Tam Yiu-chung Pro-China
Electoral Kowloon City Daniel Tse Moderate
Electoral East New Territories Andrew Wong Moderate

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