1st Legislative Council of Hong Kong

1st Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Provisional Legislative Council 2nd Legislative Council
Legislative Council Building HK.jpg
Legislative body Legislative Council
Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Meeting place Legislative Council Building
Term 1 July 1998 – 30 June 2000
Members 60 members
President Rita Fan (Independent)
Party control Pro-Beijing camp

The First Legislative Council of Hong Kong was the first meeting of the legislative branch of the HKSAR government after the handover of Hong Kong, replacing the Provisional Legislative Council existing between 1997 and 1998. The membership of the LegCo is based on the 1998 election. The term of the session was from 1 July 1998 to 30 June 2000, only two years unlike the latter legislative session of four years. The legislature was held during the first term of the Tung Chee-hwa's administration. The pro-democracy camp who did not participate in the Provisional Legislative Council held 20 seats with Democratic Party being the largest party. Notable newcomers to the Legislative Council included Cyd Ho, Bernard Chan, Lui Ming-wah, and Wong Yung-kan.

Major events [ edit ]

  • 12 December 1999: The Legislative Council passed the controversial Provision of Municipal Services (Reorganization) Bill to repeal the two provisional municipal councils, the Urban Council and Regional Council.

Major legislation [ edit ]

Enacted [ edit ]

  • 12 December 1999: Provision of Municipal Services (Reorganization) Bill[1]

Composition [ edit ]

Affiliation Election At dissolution
Liberal Party 10 10
Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB) 9 10
Hong Kong Progressive Alliance 5 6
Breakfast Group 5 5
New Century Forum 0 2
Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions (FLU) 1 1
Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (FTU) 1 0
Pro-Beijing Independent 9 5
Total for Pro-Beijing camp 40 39
Democratic Party 13 12
The Frontier 3 3
Citizens Party 1 1
Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre (NWSC) 1 1
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (CTU) 0 1
Independent Democrat 2 2
Total for Pro-democracy camp 20 20
Total 60 59
Vacant 0 1

Graphical representation of the Legislative Council [ edit ]

  •   Vacant seat

Leadership [ edit ]

Office Party Officer Constituency Since
President Independent Rita Fan.jpg Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai Election Committee 1998

List of members [ edit ]

The following table is a list of LegCo members elected on 24 May 1998 in the order of precedence.

Members who did not serve throughout the term are italicised. New members elected since the general election are noted at the bottom of the page.

Key to changes since legislative election:

a = change in party allegiance
b = by-election
c = other change
Selection method Constituency Elected Members Elected Party First Assumed Office Born In
EC Election Committee Rita Fan Independent 1983 1947
FC Industrial (First) Kenneth Ting Liberal 1998 1942
FC Commercial (First) James Tien Liberal 1988 1947
EC Election Committee David Chu Progressive Alliance 1995 1944
EC Election Committee Ho Sai-chu Liberal 1985 1937
GC New Territories East Cyd Ho Frontier 1998 1954
FC Architectural, Surveying and Planning Edward Ho Liberal 1987 1938
GC New Territories West Albert Ho Democratic 1995 1951
FC Health Services Michael Ho Democratic 1991 1955
FC Engineering Raymond Ho Breakfast Group 1996 1939
GC New Territories West Lee Wing-tat Democratic 1991 1957
GC New Territories West Lee Cheuk-yan Frontier 1995 1957
GC Hong Kong Island Martin Lee Democratic 1985 1938
FC Accountancy Eric Li Breakfast Group 1991 1953
FC Labour Lee Kai-ming FLU 1995 1937
FC Finance David Li Independent 1985 1939
GC Kowloon East Fred Li Democratic 1991 1955
FC Industrial (Second) Lui Ming-wah Independent 1998 1938
EC Election Committee Ng Leung-sing Breakfast Group 1996 1949
EC Election Committee Ng Ching-fai Independent a 1996 1939
FC Legal Margaret Ng Independent 1995 1948
FC Wholesale and Retail Selina Chow Liberal 1981 1945
FC Real Estate and Construction Ronald Arculli Liberal 1988 1939
EC Election Committee Ma Fung-kwok Independent a 1996 1955
GC Kowloon West James To Democratic 1991 1963
FC Education Cheung Man-kwong Democratic/PTU 1991 1954
FC Urban Council Ambrose Cheung c Independent 1998 1951
FC Import and Export Hui Cheung-ching Progressive Alliance 1998 1942
GC Hong Kong Island Christine Loh Citizens 1992 1956
FC Labour Chan Kwok-keung FTU a 1998 1946
GC Kowloon East Chan Yuen-han DAB 1995 1946
FC Insurance Bernard Chan Breakfast Group 1998 1965
FC Labour Chan Wing-chan DAB 1995 1935
EC Election Committee Chan Kam-lam DAB 1995 1949
FC Medical Leong Che-hung Breakfast Group 1988 1939
FC Textiles and Garment Sophie Leung Liberal 1996 1945
GC New Territories West Leung Yiu-chung NWSC 1995 1953
GC Hong Kong Island b Gary Cheng DAB 1996 1950
FC Information Technology Sin Chung-kai Democratic 1995 1960
GC New Territories East Andrew Wong Independent 1985 1943
FC Commercial (Second) Philip Wong Independent 1991 1938
FC Agriculture and Fisheries Wong Yung-kan DAB 1998 1951
GC Kowloon West Jasper Tsang DAB 1996 1947
FC Touism Howard Young Liberal 1991 1948
GC Hong Kong Island Yeung Sum Democratic 1991 1947
EC Election Committee Yeung Yiu-chung DAB 1996 1951
FC Financial Services b Chim Pui-chung Independent 1991 1946
GC Kowloon West Lau Chin-shek Democratic a 1991 1944
GC New Territories East Lau Kong-wah DAB 1996 1957
FC Heung Yee Kuk Lau Wong-fat Liberal 1985 1936
FC Transport Miriam Lau Liberal 1988 1947
EC Election Committee Ambrose Lau Progressive Alliance 1995 1947
GC New Territories East Emily Lau Frontier 1991 1952
FC Regional Council b Tang Siu-tong Progressive Alliance 1992 1942
EC Election Committee Choy So-yuk Progressive Alliance 1996 1950
GC New Territories East Andrew Cheng Democratic 1995 1960
GC Kowloon East Szeto Wah Democratic 1985 1931
FC Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication Timothy Fok Independent 1996 1946
FC Social Welfare Law Chi-kwong Democratic 1995 1953
GC New Territories West Tam Yiu-chung DAB 1985 1949

By-elections [ edit ]

Other changes [ edit ]

1999 [ edit ]

2000 [ edit ]

Committees [ edit ]

Committee Chair Vice Chair
1998–1999 1999–2000 1998–1999 1999–2000
Finance Committee
  • Establishment Subcommittee
  • Public Works Subcommittee
Ronald Arculli (Liberal) Chan Kam-lam (DAB)
Philip Wong (Independent) Ng Leung-sing (Breakfast)
Ho Sai-chu (Liberal) Raymond Ho (Breakfast)
Public Accounts Committee Eric Li (Breakfast) Fred Li (Democratic)
Committee on Members' Interests David Chu (PA) Sin Chung-kai (Democratic)
House Committee
  • Parliamentary Liaison Subcommittee
Leong Che-hung (Breakfast) Yeung Sum (Democratic)
Edward Ho (Liberal) Emily Lau (Frontier)
Committee on Rules of Procedure Selina Chow (Liberal) Margaret Ng (Independent)
Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services Margaret Ng (Independent) Jasper Tsang (DAB)
Panel on Commerce and Industry Chan Kam-lam (DAB) Lui Ming-wah (Ind.) Kenneth Ting (Liberal)
Panel on Constitutional Affairs Andrew Wong (Independent) Emily Lau (Frontier)
Panel on Economic Services James Tien (Liberal) Fred Li (Democratic)
Panel on Education Yeung Yiu-chung (DAB) Ng Ching-fai (IndependentNCF)
Panel on Environmental Affairs Christine Loh (Citizens) Hui Cheung-ching (PA)
Panel on Financial Affairs Ambrose Lau (PA) Eric Li (Breakfast)
Panel on Health Services Michael Ho (Democratic) Leong Che-hung (Breakfast)
Panel on Home Affairs Choy So-yuk (PA) Albert Ho (Democratic)
Panel on Housing Lee Wing-tat (Democratic) Gary Cheng (DAB)
Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting Sin Chung-kai (Democratic) Ma Fung-kwok (IndependentNCF) Ma Fung-kwok (IndependentNCF) Sin Chung-kai (Democratic)
Panel on Manpower Fred Li (Democratic) Lau Chin-shek (DemocraticCTU) Lau Chin-shek (Democratic) Lee Kai-ming (FLU)
Panel on Planning, Lands and Works Edward Ho (Liberal) Tang Siu-tong (PA)
Panel on Public Service Tam Yiu-chung (DAB) Sophie Leung (Liberal)
Panel on Security James To (Democratic) Selina Chow (Liberal)
Panel on Transport Miriam Lau (Liberal) Lau Kong-wah (DAB)
Panel on Welfare Services Chan Yuen-han (DAB) Ho Sai-chu (Liberal)

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References [ edit ]

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